#MustRead: Burying Water by K.A. Tucker

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The top-selling, beloved indie author of Ten Tiny Breaths returns with a new romance about a young woman who loses her memory—and the man who knows that the only way to protect her is to stay away.
Burying Water finalLeft for dead in the fields of rural Oregon, a young woman defies all odds and survives—but she awakens with no idea who she is, or what happened to her. Refusing to answer to “Jane Doe” for another day, the woman renames herself “Water” for the tiny, hidden marking on her body—the only clue to her past. Taken in by old Ginny Fitzgerald, a crotchety but kind lady living on a nearby horse farm, Water slowly begins building a new life. But as she attempts to piece together the fleeting slivers of her memory, more questions emerge: Who is the next-door neighbor, quietly toiling under the hood of his Barracuda? Why won’t Ginny let him step foot on her property? And why does Water feel she recognizes him?

Twenty-four-year-old Jesse Welles doesn’t know how long it will be before Water gets her memory back. For her sake, Jesse hopes the answer is never. He knows that she’ll stay so much safer—and happier—that way. And that’s why, as hard as it is, he needs to keep his distance. Because getting too close could flood her with realities better left buried.

The trouble is, water always seems to find its way to the surface.


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Before I get into HOW MUCH I LOVED THIS BOOK, I need to quickly mention something: My friends tease me sometimes because my reviews are always so positive – like I love every book I read… but I don’t.  I just write about the ones I really like on my blog.  The purpose of The Book Beacon is to spotlight/ highlight/ call attention to the books (that are in my opinion), worth reading.   I don’t write or post bad reviews; I simply decline offers to participate if the book wasn’t for me.


In the acknowledgements, the author describes Burying Water as “ambitious… the shift between past and present, alternating POVs, and two people falling in love twice was a lot to take on.” As a HUGE fan of her other work, I must thank K.A. Tucker for taking this story on.  It is exceptionally well done and crafted in such a way that you know you are participating in something complex and special.

The main character shifts from Alexandria to Jane Doe to Water and back again in a fantastic display of characteristics ebbing and flowing during her recovery from a violent assault.  The first few chapters were hard to read, knowing what she has been through, but her recovery from wounds and re-entry  to life is all the more remarkable for having survived.  Her love interest Jesse switches displays both age appropriate selfishness and sacrificial love when it comes to Alex/Jane/Water.  His actions – past and present – are authentic demonstrations of both self preservation and willingness to risk it all for the right woman.

I cannot imagine anyone reading this beautifully written story and not loving it.  Not telling others to read it – much like the author’s book, Ten Tiny Breaths – you read something like that and tell everyone who will listen that it should go to the top of their TBR.  That is also how I feel about Burying Water. – kris

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Review, Excerpt & Giveaway: Vanished from Dust by Shea Norwood

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Vanished from Dust New AmazonBook Title: Vanished from Dust by Shea Norwood (Book 1 in the Vanished from Dust series)
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Pages: 320
Published: October 16th, 2013
Published by Createspace
Barnes & Nobles: http://bit.ly/1o0HuEq





Eric Stark is not insane. Or at least he doesn’t think so. He wishes everyone in Dust, Texas, felt the same way. But that’s not going to happen since the whole town thinks he’s crazy. Why didn’t he keep his mouth shut?

No one understands. Eric is alone as he battles his sanity in a town of tormenters. Suddenly a new friendship emerges after the new kid, Kyle Barrett, moves to town.

Eric reluctantly reveals his secret. Is it a curse or a gift? He isn’t certain, but with Kyle by his side he finds the courage to seek the truth.

They soon realize that something sinister is descending on the residents of Dust.

Is it caused by Eric’s phantoms or is it something else? Is it connected to the mysterious death of hundreds of townspeople over sixty years ago? One thing is certain—only Eric and Kyle can save them.

They set out on a heart-pounding adventure and find themselves transported to a disturbed and deserted version of their small southern town. They quickly discover that this new world has mysteries of its own to uncover. What they find could prove more than they bargained for, and it only leads to more questions. Eric and Kyle must face a horrifying fact—they may never get out alive.

“We’re gonna die here,” Kyle muttered.

 “I don’t believe that,” Eric said. “And neither do you.”

Will they survive their encounter with these dark and mysterious beings?

Will they find a way back home?

Or will they be lost forever?

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review1I really enjoyed Vanished from Dust.  The media kit includes the following:  The Vanished from Dust series is perfect for anyone who craves a hair-raising thriller packed with mystery and suspense. This paranormal story for young adults can be compared to Stand by Me, mixed with Odd Thomas, and a twist of The Dark Tower I agree completely.

This was a fun adventure/ coming of age/ paranormal mystery story with enough plot twists and suspense to keep any reader’s attention.  The characters are very well developed, and the setting of Dust, TX is vividly described.  The original plot is very well crafted and fast paced.  I enjoyed the author’s writing style, and this is the kind of story that grips you early and does not let go.  While geared for teens and young adults, this story of friendship, secrets and paranormal activity will be fun for every reader.

I loved the friendship between Eric and Kyle, and their adventures were a joy to read – I look forward to reading more from the series.



CHAPTER    1    

  “I’m    not    crazy,”    Eric  Stark    shouted    at    the    crowd    of  seventh    graders    as    they    surrounded    him.    He    looked    up    from    the    ground,    which    consisted    of    patches    of    grass    and    dirt,    to  see    the    sunlight    glinting    off  of  the    metal    braces    of    a    girl    with    pigtails    as    she    pointed    and    laughed    with    the    rest    of    them.    Another    boy    kicked    him    in    the    stomach,    causing    him    to    retreat    into    a    fetal    position    to    guard    against    another    blow.

“Oh  yeah?”    Greg    Coffey    asked    as  he    towered    over    Eric.    His    lip  was  curled,    showing    his  crooked,    heavily    stained    teeth.    “What    happened    last  week  in  class?    You    said,    ‘They’re    watching    me.’    Remember    that,    loser?”

“I  didn’t    say    that.”    Eric    tried    to    get    up,    but    Greg    pushed    him    back    down    and    kicked    dirt    in  his    face.    Eric  rubbed  his  burning  eyes  with  both  hands.  When  he  opened    them    he    saw    four    more    kids    sneering    over    him,    all    laughing    at    his    expense.    Where    was  a    teacher    when    you    needed    one?    The    hot    Texas    sun    was  high    on    the  horizon,    almost    blinding    him    as    he    stared    back    at    his    tormentors.    Sweat    was    pouring    from    his    brow,    mixing    with    the    tears    that    streamed    down    his    face.

“Yeah  you    did,”    Adam    Marshall    said    with    a    smirk.    “You’re    going    off    the    rails,

crazy  train.”

“I    like    that—crazy    train.    Just    like    the    song,”    Greg    said.    He    laughed    and    gave    Adam

a    high    five.    “That’s    your    new    name.    Like    it?”    Greg    kicked  another  pile  of    dirt  at    Eric.    Eric    tried    to    spit    it    out,    but    his    entire    face    was    covered    in    a    muddy    film.    He

wished  that    he’d    just    kept    his    mouth    shut    about    it,    but    it    was    too    late    now.    News    traveled    fast    in    a    small    town,    and    he    was    sure    everyone    thought    he    was  insane    by    now.

He    didn’t    know    what    he    was.

“Leave  him    alone,”    a    kid    said.    He    leaned    over    to    help    Eric    to    his    feet.    “I    don’t    like


“Stay  out  of    it,    new    kid.”    Greg    said    and    gave    him    a    scowling    stare.

“Or  what?”  The  kid    got  closer.

“Let’s  go,”    Adam    said.    “There’s    a    teacher    coming.”    He    slapped    Greg    on    the


“This  ain’t  over,”    Greg  said  as  he  walked    away.    “Thanks,”    Eric  said.

“I’m    Kyle    Barrett,”    the    kid    said,    extending    his    hand.

Eric  shook    it.    “Did    you    just    move    here?”

“Yeah,    this    is    my    first    day,”    Kyle    said.    “It’s    hard    being    the    new    kid.    No    one    talks    to


“No  one    talks    to    me    either,    except    to    make    fun    of    me,”    Eric    said.



Six  months    after    the    dirt-­‐kicking    incident,    Eric  and  Kyle    had    turned    from    strangers

into    fast  friends.    But  everyone    else    still    thought    Eric    was    crazy.    Even    now,    he

couldn’t  be  sure  if  they  were    right  or  wrong.

He    only    knew    one    thing—he    hadn’t  actually    seen  them    in    several    months.    So    was

it  all    in    his    head?    His    mom    always    told    him    time    heals    all    wounds.    But    this    wound

was  more    like    a    cut    that    never    healed.    It    festered    in    the    eyes    of    everyone    in    Dust,    Texas.    He    was    just    a    mentally    defective    kid    who    barely    deserved    their    pity.

He    was    in    the    eighth    grade    now,    and    he  tried    to    put    those    troubled    years    behind

him.  It    seemed    that    most    of    his    classmates    felt    the    same    way,    but    a    select    few    never    grew    tired    of    reminding    him    of    his    sanity    (or    lack    thereof)    and    demeaning    nickname    from    time    to    time.

Eric  looked  up  at  the  clock.  The    second  hand    moved    in    a    slow,    agonizing    speed

before  the    bell  rang    loudly,    reverberating    throughout  the  building.

“Finally,”  he    said    quietly    to    himself.    The    sound  of  the  bell    signified    the  end  of  the    school    week,    and    he  was    happy    to    hear    it.    It    was    only    the    week    after    Thanksgiving    and    he    was    already    looking    forward    to    summer    break.    He    scrambled    down    the    stairs    and    out    the  heavy    double    doors.    Kyle  Barrett  waited  at  the    foot    of    the    steps    wearing

a    tucked-­‐in    red  polo.  They  had  been    inseparable    ever  since  Kyle    had    stood    up    for

him    that    day.

He  didn’t    stop    when    he    got    outside,    taunting    Kyle    to    a    footrace.    Kyle    ran    hard    to    catch    up    after    seeing    Eric    dart    by.    Kyle    was    five    months    older,    but    for    the    time    being    they    were  both    still    fourteen,    and  they  were  often  thought    of    as    brothers    due    to

their  similar    appearances.    Both    of    the    boys    had    dark-­‐brown    hair,    chestnut-­‐colored    eyes,    and    olive    skin.    But    Kyle    was    broader    in    the    shoulders    compared    to    Eric’s    slender    frame.

“Bet    I    can    beat  you    to  the    car,”    Eric  yelled.

“No  way,”  Kyle  said    as  he    raced    ahead    of    Eric.

Eric  wasn’t    going  down  without  a  fight,  so  he  ran  harder    while  dodging  several    students    loitering    outside  the    school.    He    was    closing    the    distance    when  he  tripped,    scattering    his    books    across    the    parking    lot.    A    group    of    girls    standing    on    the    sidewalk    giggled    as  he  got    to    his    feet  and  gathered  his  things    and    what    little    dignity    he    had

left.  Kyle    made    it    to    the    car    and    pointed    at    Eric,    laughing.    “You    busted    big    time,”    Kyle    said.

“You    got  lucky.    If  I  hadn’t  tripped    I  would’ve    beat    you,”  Eric  replied.

“Yeah  right,    you’ll    never    beat    me.”

Jean,  Kyle’s    mother,    rolled    down    the    car    window.    She    had    a    cigarette    hanging    from    her    lip.    Eric    watched    as    the    smoke    drifted    out    the    window    and    disappeared    into    the  wind.

“Can    I  spend    the    night    at    Eric’s    house    tonight?”    Kyle    blurted    out,    still    breathing


Eric  was  standing    anxiously    next  to  the  car,    waiting    for    her    reply.  He  bent    over  to    rub    his    knee.    He    was    pretty    sure    he’d    scraped    it    hard    enough  to  draw  blood.    He    looked    back  to  see    if    the    girls    were    still    watching    him.    They    were    on    the    sidewalk    waiting    for    their    rides    but    apparently    had    found    a    more    interesting    topic    to    discuss    since    they    were  no  longer  looking    at  him.

“Did  Eric’s    mom    say    it    was    all    right?”    Jean    asked.    She    flicked    her  ash    out  of  the    window    and  took    another  drag.    She  had  dry,  ashy-­‐brown    hair,    along  with    a    pair    of    large-­‐rimmed    glasses    that    draped    over    her    hazel    eyes.    She    wore    a    simple    mauve-­‐ colored  T-­‐shirt    and    blue    jeans.

Kyle’s  little    sister,    Katie,    and    older    brother,    Ben,    were    sitting    in  the    backseat.    Katie    Barrett,    the    youngest    of    the    family,    had    wavy    dirty-­‐blonde    hair    that  looked    like    a    poodle’s    fur.    Ben  was  Kyle’s  older    brother.

“She  is    okay    with    it,”    Kyle  said.

“Yeah,    we  asked    last  period,”    Eric  added.

“Well    if    she    doesn’t    mind,    then    it’s    fine    with    me,”    Jean    said.    She    took    her    huge    glasses    off,  wiped  the  lenses  with    her    shirt,    and    put    them    back    on.    “Kyle,    do    you    still    have    your  bike    at    Eric’s?”

“It    should    be  there.”    Kyle  eyed  Eric    for    confirmation,    and  he  nodded.

Eric  looked    in    the    backseat    and    saw    Ben    picking    his    nose    with    no    shame.    He    thought    about  pointing  it  out  but  quickly    decided    against    it.  It  was  only    a  couple    of    weeks    ago  that  Eric  had    narrowly    escaped    getting    his  head  dipped  in  the  toilet  by    him    at    the  high    school    football    game,    so    it    was    best    that    he    kept    a    little    distance    for    now.    If  it    hadn’t    been    for    the    school    principal    walking    in  during    the    act    he    would    have    had  the    unfortunate  opportunity    of  seeing    a    close-­‐up    view  of  the  inside    of  the    toilet    bowl.

“Dammit  Ben.    Don’t    pick    your    nose    and    throw    boogers    in    my    car,”    Jean


Ben  looked    up    and    replied,    “I’m    not    picking    my    nose    Mom.”

“Katie,  did    you    see    him    picking?”    Jean    asked.

“No  ma’am.    I    didn’t    see    anything,”    Katie    said.    Eric    was    fairly    certain    that    she    had

in  fact    seen    her    older    brother    pick    a    fairly    large    booger,    methodically    roll    it    into    a    neat    ball,  and  then  flick  it  onto  the  floor  of  the  car,  but  she  probably  knew  that  it  was    much    wiser    to    keep    her    mouth    shut.

Jean  turned    and    gave    Ben    a  stern  look  before  turning  back  to  look  at  Kyle.  “Y’all

be  good    now.”

Kyle  and  Eric    nodded    in    near  unison    as  she    rolled    up  the    window    and  pulled  out

of  the  school  parking    lot.



Shea Norwood newShea Norwood is an emerging author and native of West Texas that currently lives in the DFW area with his wife and son.He was drawn to writing at an early age and recently rekindled this passion after dusting off a decade-old manuscript, titled Vanished from Dust. The fictional town of Dust is loosely based on a small town south of Odessa, TX.
When he’s not writing, Shea loves to spend time with this family, read, and is a frequent globetrotter. His travels have taken him to France, the United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, Germany, and Mexico.Shea writes Young Adult Fantasy/Paranormal/Mystery

Follow Shea on Facebook to get updates on upcoming releases. https://www.facebook.com/sheanorwoodauthor

Twitter: http://bit.ly/1pzlugW

FB: http://on.fb.me/1pxjF3Q






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What Lucy finds is Alex, a mysterious boy who behaves as if they’ve known each other forever. They’ve only just met, and she shouldn’t be drawn to him, but she is. As she tries to unlock Alex’s secrets, a killer strikes close to home and a century-old vendetta unspools, putting Lucy and everyone she loves in mortal danger.


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Lucy becomes immersed in the local voodoo culture while looking for an explanation and solution for her recurring nightmares. Before she knows it, she is thrust in the middle of a century’s old mystery and a modern day murder investigation. The plot unfolds as Lucy navigates current events and dreams of flashbacks. The writing and storytelling are well done. Sweet Unrest is unlike anything I have previously read, and I appreciated the original plot, authentic characters and vivid imagery.

There were a few details that, in my opinion, were not fully resolved or clearly explained, but overall I did enjoy the book.  – kris


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LisaMaxwellAUTHORAbout Lisa Maxwell: Lisa Maxwell is the author of Sweet Unrest (Flux, Fall 2014) and Heartless Things (Simon Pulse, Spring 2016). She has a PhD in English, and when she’s not writing books, she’s a professor at a local college. She lives near DC with her very patient husband and two not-so patient boys.
Social Media Links:
Twitter: @LisaMaxwellYA
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lisamaxwellauthor
Blog: http://www.lisa-maxwell.com/blog
Book on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18402202-sweet-unrest
Author on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7246482.Lisa_Maxwell
Tumblr/Pinterest/Etc: http://www.pinterest.com/lisamaxwell13


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New Release: Rhett in Love by J.S. Cooper

RHETT-IN-LOVE-AVAILABLE-NOWNew Standalone book from New York Times Bestselling author J. S. CooperRhett in Love is the sequel to the New York Times Bestseller Rhett, but can be read as a standalone book.

Rhett Madison and Clementine O’Hara were best friends for years before they decided to give dating a shot. Everyone around them thought they were perfect for each other, but neither one of them realized just how much their relationship would change once they got together.

They’d only been dating for a couple of months when they decided to move across the country and live together. Neither one of them were prepared for all the trials and tribulations they would face as a new couple living in sin, as Clementine’s Nanna called it.

Rhett’s still acting like he’s a bachelor and Clementine’s not sure if going from friends to lovers was the best decision they ever made. So they decide to enroll in a relationship course to see if they are meant to be together. Only it seems like Rhett’s more interested in the passionate side of their relationship, as opposed to the deeper more emotional side.

Hilarity and chaos ensues when Tomas comes to visit and Rhett and Clementine are both faced with questions that could change their relationship status once again. Neither one knows what’s going to happen, but no-one ever said that the pathway from friends to lovers was going to be an easy one.

Rhett in Love is a standalone sequel to the New York Times Bestselling book, Rhett.

Rhett in Love has special content in Part II that is not to be missed as it makes this book a truly interactive book!


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Cover Reveal: Last House Burning by Katy Scott

Last House BurningGenre: YA/NA urban fantasy with a touch of satire

In an old house in a deserted, burned-down village, a young woman called Verla lives alone. Year after year she stays there while the world changes around her, no one else ever stepping foot in the village, the people in the nearby towns leaving her well alone. Verla is used to it. It’s the way things have to be.
Until Ben, a bored teenager visiting the area with his family, barges into her life and demands to know her story. He’s strangely drawn to the house and its reclusive occupant, and when he finds out her terrible secret he’s only more determined to help.
But Ben is dealing with forces he never even imagined existed. As he spirals deeper and deeper into the bureaucratic world of Heaven and Hell that Verla is part of, he realizes that it’s going to take more than just an appointment at the local office of the underworld if he and Verla plan to face down her devilish foe and give her a final chance at freedom.

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authorKaty ScottI write books in a couple of different genres: urban fantasy and chick lit/romance. When I’m not writing books I write for lifestyle magazines and corporate websites, and I blog about gaming over at warpkey.org.

I like movies, video games, cheese, shoes and my husband. I’m technically an adult but most of the time I feel like I’m just pretending to be one.

Review: Breakdown by Amanda Lance



Charlotte Ferro is about to jump.

Yet nothing ruins a perfectly good suicide attempt worse than a handsome do-gooder. After William O’Reilly convinces her to take one last ride with him, Charlotte finds herself forgetting about her own problems and enjoying a world of which she never dreamed.

Now addicted to the rush of fast cars and cool criminals, Charlotte finds herself leaning less towards the ledge and more toward the arms of her savior. But with reasons of his own for keeping Charlotte safe from herself, William is reluctant to involve her in his criminal undertakings. Will his career choice keep them apart? Will Charlotte’s painful past?

**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and sexual content.

review1I have to admit that the beginning of this book is difficult to read, but the 95% that follows is so good, you’ll be happy you stuck with it.  The main character, Lottie, has decided to end her life and is preparing to follow through the act.  She has done research on the how and when and where -she even explains the why.  It is hard to get your mind around the fact that this character you don’t even know yet has painstakingly planned and earnestly anticipates her suicide.  The first half of the first chapter is very disturbing, and as soon as you are tempted to stop reading and write her off (much like she is planning to do to herself), something happens that gives Lottie (and the reader) a much better story.

William drives by just in time to offer Lottie help.  He assumes she is stranded – late at night – on a bridge – all alone, but quickly gathers there is more to the situation than meets the eye.  He is immediately invested in her well being, and William’s willingness to get involved marks the beginning of Lottie’s re-entry to the world around her.  She doesn’t want the attention at first, but she tolerates his text messages and home visits. It is William’s persistent communication and interaction that helps her feel again. Their conversations are witty, their adventures are unique, and their relationship is as authentic as anything you’ll read in NA today.

The writing is excellent.  Lottie is beautifully depicted as she moves from utter desperation to indifferent participation to manic behavior.  Once she starts to feel again, she finds herself craving joy and exhilaration.  William is the cornerstone of her new outlook, and she calls him her “human anti-depressant.”  That unconditional support blossoms to mutual friendship, with the possibility of more.  The author does a fantastic job of taking readers along for ride from despair to hope. And as hard as it is to feel Lottie’s depression in the beginning, it is equally wonderful to feel her emerge from that darkness.

I LOVED the unexpected elements of this book – and there were many: the dark beginning, William’s hobby (and job… and friends… and backstory),  the one liners, the places they go and the things they do – I am being vague on purpose.  You need to read Breakdown and take the ride for yourself.  I sincerely look forward to reading more from this author. – kris



2014 Debut Author Bash: Sarah Bromley

2014 debut authors bash bannerThe Book Beacon is proud to participate in the annual Debut Authors Bash organized by YA Reads.  We are highlighting Sarah Bromley and her YA Gothic paranormal novel, A Murder of Magpies.  Following the book summary is a  giveaway and a game of 20 Questions with the main character, Vayda.

murdermagpies500pxA MURDER OF MAGPIES 

Winter in Black Orchard, Wisconsin, is long and dark, and sixteen-year-old Vayda Silver prays the snow will keep the truth and secrecy of the last two years buried. Hiding from the past with her father and twin brother, Vayda knows the rules: never return to the town of her mother’s murder, and never work a Mind Game where someone might see.

No one can know the toll emotions take on Vayda, how emotion becomes energy in her hands, or how she can’t control the destruction she causes. But it’s not long before her powers can no longer be contained. The truth is dangerously close to being exposed, placing Vayda and her family at risk.

Until someone quiets the chaos inside her.

Unwanted. That’s all Ward Ravenscroft has ever been. To cope, he numbs the pain of rejection by denying himself emotions of any kind. Yet Vayda stirs something in him. He can’t explain the hold she has on him–inspiring him with both hope and fear. He claims not to scare easily, except he doesn’t know what her powers can do. Yet.


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 ariel winter

Vayda resembles actress Ariel Winters

20 Questions with main character, Vayda:

 1. What would you order if you walked in a Starbucks?

Mmm, a white chocolate latte with a shot of peppermint. And tea. I’d have one of those carrying cases because I’d be picking up drinks for everybody else, too.

2. What kind of shoes are you wearing?

Ratty, blue Chucks.

3. What is your most treasured possession?

My scrapbook. It has drawings of my mother by my father and all the shiny things that catch my eye when I go walking through the woods behind my house.

 4. What is on your nightstand right now?

Empty teacups and a handful of guitar picks I swiped from Ward.

5.  If you could spend the day with someone you admire (living, dead or imaginary), who would it be?

Grandpa Bengalo, my mother’s father, so that he could tell me why she was the way she was.

6. What would you like it to say on your tombstone?

“She made light in the dark.”

 7. What impression do you make when people first meet you?

That’s I’m weird. It’s because I’m shy and very quiet, and I’m usually with my brother Jonah, which means there’s usually trouble close.

8. Favorite color?

That color right between lavender and gray, where things are hazy.

9. If you had a free day with no responsibilities, what would you do?

Such days don’t exist. But if they did, I would lounge around with my scrapbook, some paper, and lots of colored pencils, probably play some guitar with Ward … Ward would be there, definitely.

10. Favorite place you have traveled?

I loved Montana when I lived there. The skies at dawn were beautiful.

11. What do you like best about yourself?

I’m a very caring person, very loyal to the people I love.

 12. What do you like least about yourself?

I can be paranoid, but hey, I come by it honestly.

 13. Favorite genre of music?

Indie rock and folk music.

 14. Favorite subject in school?

I’ve always enjoyed history and learning about the past to learn from the past.

15. Righty or Lefty?

I’m a righty, but let’s just say that both my hands are really strong.

16. Biggest Pet Peeve?

Judgemental bullshit from other people.

 17. What makes you laugh out loud?

Ward. He has this dry, sarcastic sense of humor that comes out when I’m not expecting it.

18. What would your last meal be if you were on Death Row?

I would want a fantastic piece of bread with really good butter. It sounds so simple, but I really hope they’d let me make the bread. It’s something I do to relax.

19. Have any pets?

I don’t right now, but Ward has a fifteen-year-old schnauzer named Bernadette. We’ve had a barn cat in the past, and then, of course, there are the birds that get stuck in the attic. But those aren’t really pets.

 20. Do you keep a diary or journal?

I’d say my scrapbook is about as close as I have to a diary. It’s mostly pictures and scraps and strange things I find that trigger memories for me, but I don’t like to have much written down. Too much evidence.


SarahBromleyAuthorShotSarah Bromley lives near St. Louis with her husband, three children, and three dogs. She likes the quiet hours of morning when she can drink coffee in peace, stare into the woods behind her house, and wonder what monsters live there. When she’s not writing or wrangling small children, she can be found volunteering at a stable for disabled riders.

You can find her on Twitter and at her blog. Her adult works are under the name Sarah John Bromley. She is represented by Miriam Kriss of the Irene Goodman Literary Agency.

Things Sarah Likes:

Indie rock, 90s alternative music, strong coffee loaded with creamer, haunted houses, the books of Daphne du Maurier, the laughter of her kids, her garden, and thunderstorms.

Things Sarah Loathes:

When computers malfunction and walking past mirrors (or any reflective surface) at night.

Excerpt: What a Wallflower Wants by Maya Rodale


In the third novel in Maya Rodale’s charming Wallflower series, London’s Least Likely to Be Caught in a Compromising Position finds temptation in a devilishly handsome stranger . . .

Miss Prudence Merryweather Payton has a secret.

Everyone knows that she’s the only graduate from her finishing school to remain unwed on her fourth season—but no one knows why. With her romantic illusions shattered after being compromised against her will, Prudence accepts a proposal even though her betrothed is not exactly a knight in shining armor. When he cowardly pushes her out of their stagecoach to divert a highwayman, she vows never to trust another man again.

John Roark, Viscount Castleton, is nobody’s hero.

He’s a blue-eyed charmer with a mysterious past and ambitious plans for his future—that do not include a wife. When he finds himself stranded at a country inn with a captivating young woman, a delicate dance of seduction ensues. He knows he should keep his distance. And he definitely shouldn’t start falling in love with her.

When Prudence’s dark past comes back to haunt her, John must protect her—even though he risks revealing his own secrets that could destroy his future.

excerptMiss Prudence Merryweather and Viscount Castleton find themselves stranded at a country in…with secrets. There is only one thing to do: he asks her to dance.

“Just one dance…that is all,” Castleton said. “I promise I won’t get any ideas.”

Prudence gazed up at him. Too bad she couldn’t explain why she was so hesitant. She was wasting her life, letting this fear hold her back. There was a handsome man before her, who had shown her nothing but kindness, and all he wanted was a dance. The truth was: she yearned in her heart of hearts to dance with him.

“All right,” she said softly.

The last time she placed her hand in another man’s it was the beginning of the end.

They began to dance.

She did not, as she feared, forget the steps. Hours and hours of her life spent practicing them so when this moment came—waltzing in the arms of a handsome man—she could move in time to the music without counting to three and so she could look into smoldering gaze instead of at her feet.

Prue forced her breath to be even. In. Out. In. Out. She willed her heart to beat in a steady rhythm as she tried to reclaim power over her emotions and fears.

Castleton’s gaze settled on her face. She peered up at him. This time she really looked at him focusing on his mouth, which was firm, sensual and smiling encouragingly.

“Are you having fun yet?” Castleton asked her affectionately.

Her gaze flew up to his. Ah, those eyes. Knowing. Dark.


Harper Collins Publishers



#MustRead: Where We Belong by K.L. Grayson


Regret . . . she’s a snarky little bitch.

I’ve tried several times to regret the events that took place on June 5, 2008, but for the life of me, I can’t. I’d never regret the pain, the suffering, or the heartache because they ultimately led me to the place I am now. And I can’t regret the place I am now. What I still can’t figure out is this: how is it possible that the single worst day of my life inadvertently became the very best day?

Five years ago my life was irrevocably changed.

Seventeen minutes was all it took—

to lose my best friend…

to lose the love of my life…

Seventeen minutes was all it took for the seeds of hope—the seeds of my future—to be planted in the worst possible way.

My name is Harley Thompson, and this is my story.

**This book contains sensitive subject matters**
This book is a standalone novel.

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Following this review is the gripping Prologue of Where We Belong.  In my opinion, it is superbly written, and it sets the stage for a remarkable story of love, loss and second chances.  I immediately cared about what happened to Harley and Ty, and I found myself rooting for them before Chapter One even began.  The author did a tremendous job of writing authentic characters and crafting an unique contemporary romance. In a genre that can get clichéd and formulaic, this original story is an unexpected delight.

Five years have passed since the argument depicted in the Prologue.  That night triggered the trajectories that forced Harley and Ty in opposite directions.  Their paths cross again, and what follows is a captivating story of long-time friends getting to know each other again. Secrets and lies, however, threaten to quickly dismantle what they are slowly building. I appreciated the honest portrayals of self-preservation, vulnerability, regret and the anxiety that always accompanies “what-if?”  There are also vivid illustrations of unconditional love, loyalty, trust and the power of forgiveness.   Continue reading

Stay with Me by Jennifer L. Armentrout

SWM RDL Banner

We are so pleased to bring you the Release Day Launch for Jennifer L. Armentrout’s STAY WITH ME! STAY WITH ME is a New Adult contemporary romance being published by Avon (William Morrow), an imprint of HarperCollins, and is a part of Jennifer’s With You Saga!

Stay With Me Cover

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As I lay there, trying to swallow a loud, obnoxious yawn, I remembered something he’d said when we first met, about life being too short. I imagined he had firsthand experience with shortened lives while he was serving. That mentality came from experience. I got that now. Could even understand it, but there was something I didn’t understand.

“Why?” I asked.

There was a beat. “Why what?”

Jax sounded tired, and I should shut up or point out that I was now tired and could sleep, so he could leave. But I didn’t. “Why are you here? You don’t know me and . . .” I trailed off, because there really wasn’t anything left to say.

A minute went by, and he hadn’t answered my question, and then I think another minute ticked on, and I was okay with him not answering because maybe he didn’t even know. Or maybe he was just bored and that was why he was here.

But then he moved.

Jax pressed against my back, and the next breath I took got stuck in my throat. My eyes shot open. The sheet and blanket were between us, but they felt like nothing.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Getting comfortable.” He dropped an arm over my waist, and my entire body jerked against his. “It’s time to sleep I think.”


“You can’t sleep when you talk,” he remarked. Continue reading