Don’t Miss: The Archers of Avalon by Chelsea Fine

The Archers of Avalon is an incredibly original paranormal romance trilogy consisting of the books Anew, Awry and Avow.

It is the story of Scarlet and the Archer twins, Gabriel and Tristan.   They are each the victim of a centuries old curse designed to separate soul mates.  The origin and nature of the curse is one of the mysteries that unfolds throughout the trilogy, and the quest to break the curse makes for a thrilling adventure.

The dynamic characters and original plot are what make this story so special.  The heroine Scarlet has amnesia, and is as confused as the reader as Anew (Book 1) begins.  As she meets good boy Gabriel and bad boy Tristan, the conflict takes shape, centered around a believable love triangle.  Secrets and sacrifices come to light as Scarlet’s memories return and she starts to fill in the blanks of her forgotten past.  You will pray that everyone survives the dangerous quest to end the curse and the impending heartache should they fail.

AnewScarlet’s BFF, Heather, and the brothers’ resident nerd, Nate, are fantastic characters as well – helping their friends and bringing comic relief to the drama.  Awry (Book 2) and Avow (Book 3) continue with the stellar storytelling – making you root for love, closure and justice until the end.

I loved everything about these books: the fast pace, vivid characters, witty dialogue, original villains and a perfect balance of mystery, drama, action, romance and paranormal activity.

Download the free sample of Book 1 at Amazon  or B&N, and see if you agree.  If you do, spread the word so others can also enjoy the Archers of Avalon.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Miss: The Archers of Avalon by Chelsea Fine

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