Author Spotlight: Colleen Hoover

When an author has written five books, and I can honestly say that ALL FIVE ARE AWESOME, I figure its a good excuse to do my very first Author Spotlight post on Colleen Hoover.

Her debut novel, Slammed, is a (very) funny and (deeply) moving romantic story about Will and his new neighbor Layken.  On their first date, he takes to her a poetry slam, and everything about this night is magical.  Quite suddenly, however, their lives and relationship swerve off course.  They must accept the reasons they must stay apart while fighting the mutual attraction and proximity as neighbors.   The books that follow, Point of Retreat and This Girl, continue the story of Layken and Will – beautifully depicting the ebb and flow of circumstances that make up real life.  You will laugh, cry and cheer through each book.

Colleen Hoover’s other books – Hopeless and Losing Hope are (quite honestly) two of my all-time favorite books (like, ever).  As with the Slammed series, humor, love, loss and reunion are the pillars of a moving and unforgettable story.  Critics use words like “spellbound” and “stellar” and call reading these books “an experience.”  I could not agree more: Sky and Holder are incredible characters and they will stay with you LONG after you finish reading.

I often tell friends to just download the free samples of Slammed and Hopeless and see what happens.   I have recommended Hopeless to several friends – most of whom have read and loved it and thanked me for the recommendation.  They in turn have spread the word and the books have had tremendous success.

If the price of these novels is prohibitive, please find her books at the library or put them on your Christmas list. Here is Colleen Hoover’s author page at Amazon – download the samples & see if you don’t find a new favorite author. I have.


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