Guest Blogger: Felicia Tatum

Note from Kris: I met Felicia at the UtopYA Con in Nashville last month & she has been a great encouragement while I began blogging.  It is my pleasure to spread the word about her new book, Mangled Hearts,and its an honor to have Felicia as my first Guest Blogger. (!!!)  

Hi, everyone!!! First off, let me say thank you for reading this. I’m going to write about how I would choose characters if someone were to make Mangled Hearts into a movie. (Exciting, right?) Well, first off, I would scream and run around like crazy in excitement, then I would sit down and seriously think about actors and actresses I’ve watched. Honestly, at this moment in time, I can’t think of one that would be the perfect Cade or Francesca.

I developed these two to be real, and strong characters. They both have faults, so I think the people that would portray them would have to be very open, vulnerable actors. Francesca is very insecure, but a very strong woman otherwise. The actress that would play here would have to be able to show the inner struggle she faces every day while still being the strong, career confident woman she is on the outside. The younger version of Francesca, who would be used in flashbacks, would have to be a fresh faced, innocent actress to show how she was at that point in her life.

Cade is an alcoholic. The actor portraying him would have to be able to show how difficult the issue truly is while still showing how Cade struggles with himself every single day. He can’t be happy, because he knows how screwed up he is. He doesn’t see himself the same way Francesca does, so the actor would have to be able to show the disbelief in scenes with her, yet the vulnerability and sadness when he was alone. The younger Cade would have to be cocky, sexy young man that could really show the “don’t care what anyone thinks” attitude Cade had so well back then.

Now, I would take this a little more seriously and probably watch a thousand movies trying to find the perfect pair if it were really being made into a movie. If you’ve read the book, who do you think would be best? If you haven’t, based on my descriptions, do you have a suggestion?


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