Eversea: A Love Story by Natasha Boyd

EverseaJack Eversea, a popular movie star seeks retreat from stardom in a small coastal town.  A quid pro quo relationship emerges between Jack and unimpressed waitress Kerri Ann, when upon meeting, Jack proposes they trade services. He will provide manual labor on Kerri Ann’s historic family home in exchange for her assistance running errands- as he strives to maintain his anonymity in the small southern town.

Eversea engages the reader page by page.  As an intense attraction hastily develops between Jack and Kerri Ann, the sensible Kerri Ann thwarts Jack’s attempts at anything beyond friendship.  Jack’s confident yet endearing endeavors to gain Kerri Ann’s friendship and Kerri Ann’s frankness towards the privileged (but genuine) movie star lead to important self revelations for both characters.

I found the balance between the proverbial ‘chase’ and the physical relationship between the characters both tantalizing and sincere.  I appreciated that this novel was not only a love story, but also about how real love (or the loss of love) can help a person make one of the most important discoveries, self discovery.  Natasha Boyd managed to capture and maintain my interest from beginning to end in Eversea.  I can’t wait to read the sequel!!  – Jana

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4 thoughts on “Eversea: A Love Story by Natasha Boyd

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