Charming by Elliott James

CharmingCharming is an original Urban Fantasy about protecting supernatural beings from being discovered.  Young, careless vampires are ignoring communal etiquette, which dictates discretion at all costs.  Their sloppy habits threaten to expose all paranormal life.

John Charming had been a member of the Knights Templar, elite guardians protecting the magic that keeps humans from seeing the paranormal.  While in service as a knight, John discovers he has peculiar powers of his own, and thinking him a monster hybrid, the brotherhood turns on him.  Charming is told through John’s point of view while he is on the run, and his narrative of full of folklore facts and supernatural secrets.  He has an incredible sense of humor, telling his story with wit, hilarity and sarcasm.

John does not go looking for a fight, but is drawn into this epic adventure though a mysterious woman, Sig.  What happens in Chapter 1 is the catalyst for action ending only when the book does.  The fight scenes are frequent, intense and very well written.   The characters are believable, which is really something considering most are mythological beings.  They are also original takes on well-known creatures, creatively blending common folklore with John’s reality.

I enjoyed this book – it is an innovative paranormal tale, full of entertaining narration and dialogue, original characters, action and adventure.  I look forward to more of John Charming’s chronicles and novels by Elliott James.  -Kris

Publishing Date: September 24, 2013     Add to Goodreads     Pre-Order at Amazon     Pre-Order at B&N

I received an ARC of Charming from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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