Author Spotlight: Samantha Young

In early 2012, I discovered Samantha Young because one of her titles, Moon Spell was free on Amazon and I always go for an enticing freebie only one-click away.  Free books can be hit or miss. I LOVED THIS BOOK. If you liked the Twilight Saga or Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, get yourself a copy and thank me later.

SamYoungTweetIn  short order, I read the rest of that series (Lunarmorte), her series about the Jinn (Fire Spirits),  and (one of my favorites) Slumber, a fantasy romance adventure that had me reading my Kindle til dawn.  At the time, I was a newbie to Twitter, but I fired off this

<—- Tweet with no shame.

There was one scene in Slumber (cough, cough, hayloft) that I knew my friend Della would equally enjoy, so I sent her a screen shot from my iPhone kindle app so she could see what she was missing.  She bought the eBook the next day.  I bought a paperback copy of Slumber and mailed it to Scotland for Samantha Young to sign (I collect autographed novels).  Three guesses which book means the most to me.

About a year after I started stalking her reading everything she wrote, she announced that she was crossing the Pond and would be at a Young Adult Fiction conference in Tennessee.  I quickly made reservations to attend the UtopYA event and was so excited about meeting Samantha.  Even friends and family who did not know Samantha from Adam were happy for me because they knew I was happy.

Blog Shout OutSamantha wrote a NA novel, On Dublin Street, that did so well, she’s crazy famous now!  SECRET’S OUT!! You have NO IDEA the joy I feel in my heart when I see her books  in B&N and Target.  =) I know that she has a very long, successful career ahead!

If you like YA paranormal romance/ adventure or NA contemporary romance and if Samantha Young wrote it, you should give it a try – her imagination and storytelling are not to be missed.


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