Don’t Miss: The Iron Fey

Just a small Public Service Announcement: if you like faerie stories and enjoyed Wicked Lovely, Lament or Tithe, please don’t go another minute without reading The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa. The characters and storytelling take these books to another level, and it is by far my favorite contribution to this magical genre.

If you have read the other titles, then you are aware of the complex soap opera that is the Fey Court.  Mischievous faeries meddle with mortals and each other.  Forbidden love, mysteries, plot twists, suspense, drama, comedy, action… the best aspects of any good book are all here – and abundantly so.  I have heard of people not liking these books, and I will never understand why. One reviewer (Saundra Mitchell) puts it this way: Take Labyrinth, crash it full-speed into The Neverending Story, and mix well with The Matrix, and that’s just a taste of the wildly imaginative ride you’ll go on when you read THE IRON KING.–

The Iron KingThe first book in the series is The Iron King, in which a young boy, Ethan, is stolen away to the Nevernever and replaced by a changeling.  His older sister Meghan enters the faerie world to rescue him.  Meghan’s best friend, Robbie joins the quest, and their discoveries change everything: Meghan is really a princess, Robbie is really Robin Goodfellow (‘Puck’ from A Midsummer’s Night Dream) and their best hope of surviving is Grimilkin, a mystical creature that takes the shape of a cat.  Together they fight goblins, trolls, pixies, and satyrs to get to the evil King that has kidnapped Ethan.  Along the way, they run into Ash, a Seelie Court prince who is Puck’s rival in every way.

There is humor, action, suspense, drama and romance.  Actually, the Puck – Meghan – Ash love triangle is one of the best out there (up there with The Archers of Avalon by Chelsea Fine & The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare).

This epic fantasy is a treasure & the best part: The adventure continues with the rest of the series: The Iron Daughter, The Iron Queen, The Iron Knight, The Lost Prince and !!! coming this Fall: The Iron Traitor.


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