Ghost Hand by Ripley Patton

Ghost HandI LOVED THIS BOOK.  SO MUCH.  Many thanks to the author for sending the book in exchange for an honest review.  And, honestly: I LOVED THIS BOOK.  SO MUCH.  And it’s not just me: Ghost Hand was recently selected as a semi-finalist for The Kindle Book Review 2013 Best Indie Book Award in the YA category.

Olivia Black has Psyche Sans Soma, a rare birth defect affecting one or more areas of the body.  Instead of flesh and bone, the body part is made of a transparent, ethereal substance, giving it a ghostly appearance.  Olivia’s PSS is in her right hand.  One day, her ghost hand takes on other qualities, making her unusual condition extraordinary.  She tries to keep what happened a secret, but soon finds herself on the run, not knowing who is after her or why.  Marcus, the new kid at school, offers his help, but he may have his own agenda.  The action and suspense begin in Chapter 1; the plot unfolds in a series of arguments, chases, surprises and narrow escapes.  It is a thrilling, unpredictable ride along the way and fulfilling at the end.

Ghost Hand has an innovative plot, believable characters and entertaining dialogue.  Olivia is convincing as a teenager whose world is coming apart at the seams, and unraveling the mystery of Marcos is fun.  Their world becomes hinged on people with PSS and people who  want it. Now I must admit something embarrassing:  one-third through the book I was so convinced of Olivia’s malady, I freaking Googled ‘Psyche Sans Soma.’  I’m a bright girl, but I started to wonder maybe I missed the 60 Minutes report Olivia mentions on page 1.  I can only hope this is a compliment to the debut author.

It’s a challenge to convey why I liked it without including spoilers; the secrets are what make the book such a good story.  I can say I have never read anything like it, and I am telling my friends who enjoy good books to read it.  Don’t miss this book!

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