Book Review: Jordyn and the Caverns of Gloom by Tiffany King

FINAL-cover-for-amazonIn case you don’t know the whole story, Saving Angels is a YA paranormal series about fallen angels, daemon hunters and soul mates.  It’s a fast paced adventure/ mystery/ romance & you can get the entire trilogy for $2.99Jordyn is a spin-off of this series, and IT IS FREE! If you are late to the party, no problem:  Jordyn is an extraordinary daemon hunter with no past and promising future.  One day she meets Emyrs, an enemy who blurs the line between good and bad.  Jordyn must decide for herself what is worth fighting for… this book is full of action, drama, suspense and star crossed love.  It’s REALLY good, ya’ll.

Book 2 in this spinoff series is Jordyn and the Caverns of Gloom.  In the interest of avoiding spoilers, I will only say Jordyn is an elite soldier with supernatural abilities and effortless skill  when it comes to fighting daemons.  The book begins with her in hiding, then training for an important mission, and then embarking an deadly assignment in an attempt to save loved ones.   It is her most dangerous mission yet, full of baddies you cannot even imagine. Everything about this quest is original, exciting and suspenseful.  From start to finish, it is a wild ride and if I’m being honest, I like Book 2 more than Book 1… and I LOVED Book 1.

 Jordyn is so hardcore.  There are times when she is vulnerable and human… but only to the reader.  At one point, an ally tells her, “You are without doubt the biggest badass I have ever laid eyes on.”  I couldn’t agree more.  – Kris


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