Steel Lily by Megan Curd

A1acEIQASeL._SL1500_After World War III, survivors sought refuge from poisonous conditions in “Domes,” cities sealed off from a hazardous atmosphere.  Scattered across the globe, these enclosed environments offered a  more viable existence and an attempt at normalcy.  Schools, jobs, and factions kept people busy and separated into classes – just like old times.  Some citizens exposed to radiation during the war began to exhibit a new ability: manipulating elements.  Avery Pike, an Elemental with this talent in Dome 4, can turn water into steam.  She supplies power to the masses, at great personal cost… and those in charge take advantage of her “gift.” It is a meager existence at best, and most in Dome 4 wish for a better life.

One day, Avery is offered an opportunity to relocate to another Dome, one with many conveniences like electrical energy, modern medicine and equal opportunity.   She must decide on trading her reality for the hope of a better one… but sometimes things that seem too good to be true are just that. 

Steel Lily is an original Dystopian adventure – action-packed with humorous dialogue, unexpected plot twists and opposites attracting.  Avery’s Dome 4 companions, Alice and Legs, are loyal friends – showcasing sarcastic devotion at its best.  Avery’s new acquaintances, Jax and Xander, make her question everything she has been taught- lowering  her guard  despite all she knows to be true.

Author Megan Curd has built a believable world where people sacrifice, deceive and control others to reach different goals.  Entertaining characters go on an exciting adventure; you will read quickly to keep up with the action.  I applaud Megan in her effort to both amuse and inspire her readers.  Steel Lily is a book you will read, enjoy and recommend more than once. Stellar endeavor, and I look forward to the next installment of the Periodic Series.  -Kris

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