Book Review & Giveaway: Hush by Stacey R. Campbell

Hush-FINAL1The whole girl next door is really a long lost princess has been done, but it has not been done like this.  Despite the familiar storyline, everything about Hush is fresh, fun and thrilling. It is a great balance between a light hearted romance and a fast paced mystery.

Max Ryder recently  inherited a house from his beloved Aunt Rose, and while cleaning out her desk, he found several photographs of the royal family of Tamura.  Decades earlier, Max’s aunt was employed as nanny for Tamura’s Princess Olivia, but was abruptly dismissed from service.  A few pictures suggest Princess Olivia had a baby  out of wedlock and the child was secretly adopted in America. Max chooses this royal  mystery as the subject for his investigative journalism project.  With the help of his college professor, Max goes on special assignment to uncover the truth.

Blakely Henry has a self-imposed “no dating” rule during her senior year at the Lakeview Academy.  By focusing on her studies and friendships, she expects to have a drama free, fun-filled term before moving on to college life. Blakeley reconsiders banning boys after meeting Max Ryder, the new transfer student from Scotland. With classes together and friends in common, their mutual attraction could easily bloom into something more-  if Blakely would let it.  As they grow closer, Max finds it harder to hide the real reason he is attending Lakeview: to learn if Blakely is the missing princess of Tamura or not.

The plot unfolds as events take place in Tamura, Scotland, Canada and America.  There is a great cast of characters – good and bad.  This book is good for anyone who loves a good story – from young teens to adults.  It’s funny, thrilling and  memorable.  Looks like more adventures are in store for the students at Lakeview, and I can’t wait to read what’s next.  -Kris

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