Must Read: The Blue Eyed General by Rebecca Inman

blue eyed generalIf you liked Graceling, Legend and Throne of Glass, The Blue Eyed General should be your next read.

Tieve Kedgewater’s best friend, Jed leaves home to join Elite, a militant group planning to overthrow their Emperor.  After Jed is killed in action, Tieve blames the rebellion’s leader, Caleb.  Thinking her best shot at revenge is killing Caleb in combat, she changes her name to Cecelia Rivermire and becomes a soldier in the Emperor’s army.  Blessed with extraordinary strength, agility and focus, Cecelia advances to the position of Third General of the Royal Litekian Squad and Commander in Chief of Division Two.  In addition to her military prowess, Cecelia stands out because of her perfect skin, blond hair and piercing blue eyes.  She quickly becomes famous for both her beauty and brawn.  Which is why everyone is shocked to learn General Cecelia has been charged with treason and sentenced to die at the end of Chapter One.

No spoilers here: but Cecelia continues on her quest to kill Caleb despite her fall from grace.  With the help of a gang of thieves, she hides from those who would kill her while running toward her goal of revenge.  Along the way, she discovers truths about the Emperor, her army and the rebels she has always considered the enemy.

The Blue Eyed General is a fast paced adventure with everything I love in a book: sci-fi elements, action, romance, humor, mystery, surprises, drama and a very original plot.  There are fight scenes with magical weapons and android soldiers, daring rescues and narrow escapes, and a mystery that slowly unfolds as Cecelia’s life quickly  unravels. All the characters are dynamic and entertaining – there are ones you love, ones you love to hate, ones you want to slap, ones you want to strangle… and the bad guys are REALLY bad guys.

I really enjoyed this story, and I highly recommend it for fans of YA lit with a sci-fi fantasy adventure plot. I look forward to the next book and wish Rebecca Inman all the best with her career.  -kris

Official Blurb:

Jed’s dead. These are the words that transform seventeen year old Cecelia Rivermire’s quiet life into a manhunt. A manhunt to kill the man that murdered her only friend. A manhunt to kill the man that murdered her first love. In this quest for revenge, however, she’ll soon discover that everything she’s ever known has been a lie, including everything she thinks she knows about herself…

Set in a world where a dictator’s word is gospel, rebellion looms, and science and superstition collide with devastating consequences, The Blue-Eyed General follows Cecelia as she strives for her vengeance. Though the man she hunts is an extremely illusive figure, and she finds herself hunted by her own tyrannical Emperor, she’s confident that taking her revenge should be easy. After all, she’s no ordinary girl. With incredible strength, speed, and otherworldly blue eyes, she’s a beautiful enigma; but none of that can protect her from the terrifying places her journey will take her to, and nothing on Gaia can prepare her for the horrible truths she’ll learn about herself. By the time she’s done, Cecelia will wish she’d left the past undisturbed.

With tensions and treason, madness and murder, romance and revelation, for the Blue-Eyed General, revenge really is only the beginning…

*I was given an advance copy of this book in exchange for a fair review


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