New Release: Moonlit Promise (The Goddess Redemption Series)

Author Kelli Lockheart is an incredibly gifted writer.  In The Goddess Redemption series, she weaves Greek mythology and supernatural folklore to create a thrilling romance, complete with Mount Olympus drama, cursed lovers, and creatures seeking vengeance against their creator.

In Part I: To Cast a Stone, Apollo plays a cruel prank on his sister, Artemis.  She falls for the trick and impulsively reacts; causing the death of her fiancé, Orion.  As punishment, Artemis is cursed by her father, Zeus.  Stripped of her immortality, power and memories, she is sentenced to a stone prison – forever longing for lost love. Before Zeus finished his decree, however,  Aphrodite quietly murmured a command of her own: the lovers would return to Earth as mortals, and they would cross paths again.

Long before her fall from grace, Artemis created a special type of prey that could only be killed by a god.  While she was imprisoned, the creatures grew in number and became the most dangerous predator in the land. In this series, Part II: Spellbound is about Artemis and Orion finding each other while fighting this common enemy.  There is action, mystery, magic and a very hot reunion.

Moonlit PromisePart III: Moonlit Promise is about another challenge from Mount Olympus – Zeus sends Artemis and Orion into the bodies of shape shifters.  This time, they recognize each other at first site – but the world they entered  keeps them apart.  While they fight for their freedom, it becomes apparent that there is more to Zeus’ actions than just teaching his daughter a lesson.

Each part of series is an entertaining short story – and together they make for a great adventure.  Lots of steamy romance, surprises, action and suspense.  The creativity displayed in her plot twists, world building and storytelling sets her work apart from other paranormal romances.  I enjoyed the books very much, and word on the street is that a Part IV is in the works, and I am looking forward the next installment of Artemis and Orion’s love story.

I was given copies of each book in exchange for an honest review. – kris


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