4 Lighthouses for The Kiss Off by Sarah Billington

review1The Kiss OffThe Kiss Off is an enchanting, humorous, fast paced tale of young love, sudden fame and coming of age via the Internet.  It is an easy read, and I think readers of all ages will appreciate the Poppy’s story.  It is about high school friendships, crushes, and rivals.  It’s about people falling into and out of favor quickly and how consequences are equal opportunity.  There are some good life lessons in the Poppy’s journey from indie musician to global phenomenon.

Poppy expresses herself through songwriting, and her candid, heated lyrics resonate with the public.  The Kiss Off quickly becomes an anthem for the brokenhearted.  While the song takes on a life of its own, those involved with its success also get swept away in the celebrity lifestyle.  Poppy’s best friends and family keep her grounded while she dates the lead singer of Academy of Lies, the rock band that got put her song on the radio and reconciles with the guy who broke her heart and inspired the song.

4I enjoyed the relationships, dialog, characters, and glimpses into real life (high school drama) and stardom (the music industry).  While I wish Poppy was older than 16, I understand this is an authentic depiction of young women today.  It was fun to see this “real girl” navigate fame, and I look forward to reading about her adventures in The Kiss Off 2: Over It.

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