4 Lighthouses to Snowed Over by Angie Stanton

review1snowed overSnowed Over by Angie Stanton is a jaunty winter romance perfect for holiday reading! When strangers Katie & Alex embark together on a trip home for the Christmas holiday they both get more than they bargained for! Friends of friends- Alex offers to drive Katie to celebrate Christmas with her mom, sister and mom’s new boyfriend.  Alex’s hometown isn’t far from Katie’s celebration and so they begin their journey as strangers merely going in the same direction.

A quick trip turns into an unplanned adventure when a snowstorm threatens not only their arrival to celebrate Christmas with their respective families, but also their safety!  Will they make it home for the holiday? Will they survive the harsh weather?

4Stuck together for several days with no way of communicating their safety to their families Katie & Alex fast-track friendship as they depend on one another to think fast and survive the cold! They both quickly realize despite the circumstances they are enjoying this Christmas like no other!

Despite the snowstorm and their inability to communicate to their families that they are ok- there is an even bigger problem. Alex is engaged! Neither Katie nor Alex are the disloyal type- will they choose to keep their feelings at bay? Chemistry brews as they find themselves unexpectedly yet sincerely enjoying their shared Christmas together more and more.

I love books that have romance and heart. Both Katie and Alex are sincere with realistic passions, problems and insecurities.  The fantasy type sequence of events is quite enticing but also realistic for two college aged young adults.  I read Snowed Over in one evening, I couldn’t put it down! -jana


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