3.5 Lighthouses for Surfacing by Shana Norris


surfacingSurfacing is the story of Mara Westry, a teenager who finds herself leaving Tennessee to live in the Outer Banks after her mother’s death, sixteen year old Mara must live with her estranged father in Swans Landing, a tiny remote island only accessible by ferry.  She is not interested in staying any there longer than she has to, and the feeling is mutual: the locals are hostile to Mara as soon as she walks on shore.

More than just a prejudice of outsiders, there is an obvious hatred toward Mara that she cannot understand and her father will not explain.  Only a few residents of Swans Landing befriend Mara, but they also have secrets.  As she unravels the mysteries of the island, she discovers things about herself that she could never have expected – yet she was the last to know.

3halfI truly enjoyed getting to know Mara – she is a snarky, stubborn, quick witted young lady struggling with tremendous loss while facing painful ridicule.  The town is full of kooks and mean girls, each one determined to put Mara in her place – but why?   A special friendship with a popular boy, Josh, is one of the few things grounding Mara during this season of change… but he has secrets of his own. Unraveling the mysteries of Mara and Swans Landing is an enjoyable journey into a special coming of age tale rooted deeply in fantasy.  One the truth comes to light, the book changes from one fish out of water story to another.

The Book Beacon received a free copy of Surfacing from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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