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Talk about your First World problems…

About seven months ago, I decided to start a book blog, and it has been a wonderful addition to my life – I love it.  Well, I love about 97% of it.  There are a few aspects of blogging that make me cringe a bit.

I recently came clean about my NetGalley Guilt.  In case you missed that one, I was accumulating free books faster than I could read and review them.  For those that read that post, I am happy to report that my “feedback” has more than doubled since my confession: up to 55% from 20%. NetGalley encourages an 80% feedback rate, and I am on my way.  That is not to say, however, I am not tempted to request titles like crazy.  That is how I got so far behind in the first place.  I am basically a book hoarder.

I also have opportunities to review books I receive through blog tours, publishers, PR firms, and as gifts from the author.  As a new blogger, I signed up for several book events right away: release day blitzes, cover reveals, giveaways and review tours.  Usually, there is a sentence thrown in that if I would rate the book less than 3 stars to just  let them know.

Yeah, that’s a lot easier said than done.  It SUCKS to tell a fellow blogger, a publisher, an agent or ESPECIALLY the author that the book wasn’t getting 3 or more stars from me.  Inside, I’m thinking “thank you so much for the complimentary copy of this book, but I honestly couldn’t get past the first five chapters, let alone finish it.”  Instead I (honestly) apologize (as soon as I can) and say the book just wasn’t for me.  I have not sent that email often; 9 times out of 10 I like – even love – the book.  But I still get nervous when I sign up for a book review.

use teethAnother thing I didn’t see coming: when the book cover that is revealed for a Cover Reveal is borderline pornographic.  Now, I love a steamy romance as much as the next blogger.  But some of the book covers are so shady that I’d be mortified if someone just picked up my kindle and looked through my books.

I bet 75% of my book covers feature either a couple about to kiss, a couple about to get it on, or a closely cropped shot of 8-pack abs.  Now, to be fair, these are  romance novels – New Adult and Adult Contemporary.  They are not, however, erotica or adult bookstore titles.  I have learned to hesitate when I get Cover Reveal emails.  I don’t want to be all “heck yes: sign me up” and then be all “oh no, my Mom may see this” when they send the jpeg weeks later.

#bloggerwoes – I have others, but will save them for next time. If you have #bloggerwoes, comment below; we can commiserate together.

Thanks for reading. – kris


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