Guest Post by author Maya Rodale: 5 Reasons to Fall for a Bad Boy Billionaire

DukeAustenLogo[1] (1)5 reasons to fall in love with the bad boy billionaire

By Maya Rodale

Every girl loves a bad boy—right? And the qualities that get a bad boy billionaire his fortune are devastatingly sexy. Check out these five reasons to fall in love with Duke Austen, the ultimate Bad Boy Billionaire. 

  1. This bad boy billionaire is incredibly intelligent. Duke Austen is a brilliant tech entrepreneur who is not only charming, but insanely good at coding. He is all brains and brawn.
  2. You have to see this bad boy billionaire’s smile. Jane Sparks likens it to “one of those devastating smiles that were most often found in the pages of romance novels.” As you might imagine, it makes her heart skip a beat. Or two.
  3.  This bad boy billionaire has a sense of humor. He teases Jane, the heroine, by calling her “Sweater Set” after the prim clothes she wears (which he inevitably removes).  They love bantering almost as much as…kissing and more.
  4. This bad boy billionaire has a wicked sense of adventure. When a prank Facebook post appears announcing his engagement to a girl he’s only met once (for one crazy hot kiss) he doesn’t freak out…he spies the perfect opportunity to repair his playboy image and score a huge investment deal. He just didn’t count on falling love…
  5. This bad boy billionaire knows exactly what to do with a grey silk tie—and no, he’s not wearing it. To say any more would be NSFW but it’s perfect for your e-reader =)

Be still your racing heart, right? Get to know more about Duke—and Jane Sparks, the woman he falls for—in The Bad Boy Billionaire’s Wicked Arrangement and The Bad Boy Billionaire’s Girl Gone Wild.

Question: What do you love about billionaire heroes?


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