5 Lighthouses for the Run to You series by Clara Kensie

Run To You covers

Today, The Book Beacon participated in a blog tour for the Run to You books by Clara Kensie.  Please click over to read about the series, enter the giveaway, buy the books and more…


I loved, loved, loved this series of novellas about Tessa and Tristin.  Their worlds overlap and then collide in this original story of coming of age while on the run.  The stories are fast paced and well written, and the novellas blend seamlessly together to create a thrilling mystery you can’t put down.

The Carsons are an extraordinary family with varied psychic abilities: moving objects with the mind, memorizing facts with a wave of the hand and observing others with a remote eye.  The youngest child Tessa, however, is not gifted with these abilities and must keep up with her psychic parents and siblings as they try to stay one step ahead of a killer.    Without supernatural help, Tessa has a routine to avoid unwanted attention that may blow their cover: “make no eye contact, speak as little as possible, hide behind a textbook.”  As an introvert who frequently moves from state to state, its no wonder Tessa is a painfully shy girl with no friends.


When Tristin takes an interest in her, she tries to discourage him,  but she eventually opens herself up to friendship and then dares for something more.  Only problem is that Tristin knows her as Sarah, her most recent alias in a very long string of cover stories.

Keeping her family’s identity and paranormal gifts a secret while getting closer to Tristin is a challenge, and Tessa must choose between loyalty to her family and personal happiness.  The story that follows is AWESOME!

Look at the covers: Book One – Tristin pursues Tessa; Book Two – Tessa confides in Tristin; Book Three – they face off/see eye to eye… but I don’t want to give anything away – the twists and turns are so unexpected and thrilling.  I highly recommend you buy these books and enjoy the ride! – kris

*I received Parts 1,2 and 3 in exchange for this honest review.


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