Review: Safer Outside by Kristina Renee

Safer OutsideSecrets are hard to keep when you fall in love; Elizabeth Martin discovers this first hand when Logan Cooper starts pursing her.  When Liz and Logan start dating Liz tries everything in her power to keep her home life concealed from him, and everyone else for that matter.  Can a new relationship, her first real romantic relationship survive her treacherous home life?

Only Liz’s best friend Kim knows the reality of her situation and Elizabeth Martin has plenty of reasons to keep her family out of sight.   Her step father Jesse not only sells drugs in their current seedy neighborhood, he also is physically abusive to Liz’s half sister, brother and especially towards their mother.  Elizabeth knows it is just a matter of time before Jesse escalates and something terrible happens.

Liz practically lives with her best friend Kim, using Kim’s family address to attend a high school in her previous home town, all in an effort to attend a better school and stay away from the terror that is her daily life.  She knows she walks a tight rope with her step father’s outbursts and unwanted physical attention.  If Jesse discovers Liz has a boyfriend she fears he will go crazy with jealous rage.  Liz doesn’t want anyone else to suffer the burden of Jesse’s rage or make things worse for her little brother and sister or her mom.

Initially Logan acquiesces and doesn’t hassle Liz about her family, but they both know that can only go on for so long.  It doesn’t take long for things to reach a boiling point.  Abruptly Liz is faced with a terrifying situation.  She makes a life altering decision that ultimately changes everything.

3halfSafer Outside jostles your sensibility regarding the appropriate roles played within a family.  It challenges your sense of right and wrong as it pertains to the deeper loyalty of family ties & friendship.

Through Liz and Kim and Logan’s continuous altruistic acts of friendship and love, my hope of genuine relationships among youth is refreshed and admired.    – Jana


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