sa many booksI have been blogging for 9 months, and recently it occurred to me that I couldn’t read several books on my TBR list because I had committed to review other new releases.  I have read some really great stuff, and I am still in shock that websites, authors, publishers and agents send me FREE BOOKS in exchange for an honest review.  Blogging is the best!

I aired a few #bloggerwoes in a previous post, and I have a new one to add to my list: It’s hard to read what you WANT to because you are reading what you HAVE to.  I had to postpone reading some books because I overloaded my calendar with blog tours and book blitzes.  I totally did this to myself, and I blame it on being a rookie blogger. These events are very fun, and I sincerely enjoy being a part of the blogging community, but I have learned (the hard way) to pace myself

The reason I started this blog was to highlight my favorite books, and I had to wait until now to show and tell the best books I actually bought – pre-ordered, even!! I am taking a brief #blogbreak from organized book events to read as many of my TBR titles as I can before I pick back up with other commitments.

And what did I grab first?!

ignite me  I LOVE the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi.  A dear friend gave me Shatter Me as a gift, and I bought myself Unravel Me the day it came out and waited patiently (ish) a year for the final book, Ignite Me to arrive.

Side note: the fact that I couldn’t start this book the day it was released is testament to how busy I was.  Anyone who knows me personally knows that this series is among my favorites and friends were SHOCKED that I didn’t devour it on 2/4/14.  I had to wait until 3/3/14, and this delay is one of the major reasons for the #blogbreak.

If you haven’t read Shatter Me, you really should.  Really.  It is an original YA paranormal/ dystopian adventure with breathtaking storytelling, heartwarming romance and nail biting action.   It’s about Juliette, a young woman with a very dangerous power.  Some want to hide her from society, some want to use her as a weapon, and some want to set her free.  I’ll tell you what I tell everyone: download the sample or read the first two chapters in a library/book store.  If you don’t immediately respond to the narrative and setting: we’ll just agree to disagree.  Nine times out of ten, however, my friends buy the book, thank me for the heads up and buy the sequel.  Ignite Me is the final book in this trilogy, and if you liked the first two books, you will LOVE book 3.

There are other titles that I have read and may more that I plan to read during this break from blog events.  I will show & tell the books that I like best.  In a few weeks, I will be swing back into the promo posts, but I will remember to make time for my personal TBR list as well!!


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