Review: Fields of Elysium by A.B. Whelan

Fields of ElysiumMoving to an entirely new state midway through high school is not the ideal plan Molly had imagined.  Making new friends in high school is no easy task; fighting for a little freedom from her parent’s overprotective eye isn’t making that task any easier.  Things are looking a tad bleak for Molly until everything abruptly changes.

When Molly and her four legged companion begin taking regular hikes, they make a startling discovery that changes Molly’s opinion about her recent move.  Molly discovers a wormhole into another planet! Mirroring Earth in many ways, Arkana is aware of Earth’s existence and desire to keep their existence unknown.  They also desire to keep earthlings from venturing into their planet.  As Molly meets a group of Arkanians her age she immediately feels an easy friendship with them, something she does not feel on earth.

4Molly must make a difficult decision.  Should she spend her time on earth with her family and everything that is familiar to her?  OR should she breach the unprotected barrier into an unknown land that is beginning to feel more like her home?  As if that decision weren’t difficult enough, Molly finds herself falling for Victor, an Arkanian who has sworn revenge on earthlings.  Will Molly choose loyalty to earth or Arkana?

Fields of Elysium has just the right amount of adventure, self discovery and romance!  I could envision Arkana and Molly’s adventures on the alien planet vividly!  I admired Molly’s character and her level of self discovery realized through self sacrifice as she battles with the decision of opposing loyalties and love. I am excited to read the follow up novel, Valley of Darkness.   -jana


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