Tending to my #TBR pile

Girl readingA few weeks ago, I decided to slow down on the New Release promos, book review requests and author spotlights so I could move a few books from my To Be Read pile to my Read pile.  *See my #blogbreak post for more information.

In 2 weeks, I have read 6 novels that I have been itching to get my hands on: Ignite Me, Into the Still BlueFinding Cinderella, Winter, The Best Kind of Broken, and Poison Princess.  I hope to post reviews about each book here… til then: THEY WERE ALL REALLY,REALLY GOOD.

I am currently reading Cress and looking forward to reading Endless KnightMaybe, Someday, Champion, Whisper and Reap ASAP.  Not to mention a handful of books that authors have sent me to read with no real deadline, but I want to get to those too!!

I am participating in a Blog Tour next weekend, and I have a few posts in April I said I would do.  I will eventually dial up my participation in blog tours, cover revels and book blitzes.  For now, however, it is really nice reading the books I paid for (as well as some gifts from generous author friends).  I have enlisted the help of fellow bookworms to help me read & review the submissions that make up my blog’s #TBR list!  =)

If this is my biggest problem, I am doing GREAT!


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