Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

poison princessMore tales from my #blogbreak: I grabbed one of books I have been wanting to read forever… When the Kindle version of Poison Princess was $ .99 in December, I snatched this bad boy up.  I love this book so much, I feel like I stole it.  You can get the first 17 chapters FREE on Amazon.  GO DO THAT NOW!  You’re welcome!

The Arcana Chronicles series is unlike anything I have ever read, and I have read a lot. It is an epic adventure with an incredibly creative mix of post- apocalyptic fiction, contemporary fantasy, suspense thrills and paranormal romance. The storytelling of Poison Princess (Book One), also has the feel of a personal memoir, as the plot unfolds through the private thoughts of a killer and a recorded interview of the protagonist, Evie Green.

Evie tells her story of life before and after The Flash, a worldwide apocalyptic event that changed everything. Anyone unlucky enough to be outdoors during The Flash died immediately, and survivors had to overcome shock and grief to face a new way of life. And by “new,” I mean horrific: barren landscapes, dwindling resources, widespread panic. And it’s not just fear of starvation keeping folks up at night: new breeds of baddies have emerged from The Flash. Cannibals (yes, cannibals), slavers looking for healthy females and unrestrained militias have turned America into a nightmare. Survivors must carve out a bleak existence in hidden frontiers of Hell on Earth.


This violent turmoil is the setting for the non-stop action that brings Evie from her home in Louisiana to the place she sits down to tell her story. And it is SUCH A GOOD STORY. It’s about the Arcana, a group of supernatural beings, who are forced to play war games in this violent world. It’s about Jackson Deveaux*, a Cajun bad boy who was a survivor long before The Flash. It’s about strangers becoming allies to survive immediate dangers and imminent battles. And as soon as you get a handle on the story, the characters and conflict take you somewhere you never saw coming.

I regret not reading Poison Princess sooner.  Silver lining: I was able to immediately get my hands on Book 2 (Endless Knight**). But now, alas, I am among the multitude of readers living for 2015 to see what happens next!! -kris

*Warning: Jackson Deveaux WILL become your next Book Boyfriend. Some reviewers do not share my fondness for this character… we can just agree to disagree. I found his gruff, irreverent attitude to be authentic for a kid with his back story. And I found his Cajun accent to be smoking hot.

** Review for Endless Knight coming very soon!  =)




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