Discover Reading Whale & Enter to Win a Kindle Paperwhite!!

1901346_725756530781566_777565852_nWhat is the idea behind Reading Whale?

Reading Whale is a different thing for different people. For authors and publishers we are a way to help new readers discover limited-time ebook deals. As a subscriber to Reading Whale’s daily email we are a point of connection for readers to find free and deeply discounted ebooks while also helping connect you on a more intimate level with the authors you love.

How did the idea begin?

We actually originated from the minds of authors. Authors who have used similar tools with great results, but felt there could be an even deeper connection with their readers.

How will we reach the deeper connection between author and readers?

Not only is Reading Whale’s content curated to ensure quality deals for our subscribers, but we will offer a new unique approach. When we feature an author they will have an author page on our site that will connect readers with other books; if a reader enjoys one author’s books there is a good chance they will enjoy others. We will feature author interviews, giveaways, and even the occasional video that will give us a peek into an authors personality.

When will your website be live?

We are not a corporation with deep pockets. We do not have investors funding us. What we are are a group of authors and readers who believe in this idea and are working hard to invest our own time an money into making the site a success. In order to ensure the world will want this option as much as we think they will, we are in the process of validating the idea. Once we have 2000 subscribers the deal emails will begin and we will start construction on the website. At 20,000 subscribers we will launch the website.

Why should you sign up?

  1. Because you love to read
  2. Because you love deals
  3. Because we are awesome people and you love supporting awesome people.
  4. Oh yeah, and IT’S FREE to subscribe!

What if you’re an author who wants to submit a book?

We’re not quite there yet. We’re glad you’re excited about our service and hope you keep an eye out on our website,

Other places to find us:

Facebook –

Twitter – @thereadingwhale


 Win a Kindle Paperwhite and autographed books

from Reading Whale!

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