Top 10 List: Emma Morgan of the Black Collar Empire Series by AN Latro

BCE_BlogTourLast week, The Book Beacon participated in the Release Day Blitz for Black Collar Empire by A. N. Latro.  Today, we are happy to be a stop on the author’s Blog Tour with a Giveaway & a Top 10 list by main character, Emma Morgan!


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Top Ten—Little Known Facts of Emma Morgan


  1. Thrift stores—fun fact. Despite her wealth and access to literally anything she wants (it’s not uncommon for her to wear a unreleased designer label) Emma has a fondness for thrift shops, and in high school frequented them with her girlfriends.
  2. Emma is not an only child—we don’t hear much about Emma’s only brother, Isaac. He died when Emma was young, and that death shaped a lot of Beth’s issues with the Morgan brothers.
  3. She lost her virginity to annoy her cousins—more specifically Caleb. Although she doesn’t broadcast it, that motivated her more than anything.
  4. She counts cards when she plays against Caleb’s division—Emma is a math wiz. Accounting and money laundering is her role in the family. Counting cards is one way to keep the boys in Caleb’s division from getting too cocky when they play her.
  5. Coke—Emma is the very sheltered daughter of a criminal syndicate. Coke isn’t that surprising, and is a small act of rebellion against her mother and uncles.
  6. Weakness for shoes—Emma loves shoes. Weird ones, heels, boots—she loves them. While attending Irving Prep, the shoes were a way to break away from the strict uniform.
  7. Vintage dresses—Emma tends to favor vintage dresses for the classy sex appeal they offer. Being classy is very important to Emma.
  8. Knows how to shoot—as Caleb’s cousin and best friend, this is kind of a given, but—he took her to the family’s house in upstate New York to teach her. She finds shooting to be relaxing, mostly because it reminds her of Caleb.
  9. Has anger issues—Emma has some unresolved issues, with her mother, and her cousins.
  10. Doesn’t know her father’s family—Emma’s father died when she was young, and she’s never gotten to know his side of the family.

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