Fiction: A Radicle Idea

I recently shared that I am trying my new Writer hat on for size.  There is a certain story I want to tell, but I don’t quite know how it goes just yet.  It has taken me a while to realize that not only is this okay, it’s expected.  The vast majority of novels begin as a hazy image that swells into a specific idea – much like how an ordinary seed becomes a magnificent plant.
When you plant a seed, the very first part of the plant to emerge is called the radicle.  It’s what makes a seed a seedling, because it is proof that water absorption was successful.  The radicle is the plant’s first root, and it grows downward in the soil to gather more water for the the plant-to-be.  The very existence of the plant depends on the radicle’s journey.  Botanists classify this root as an organ because it anchors the entire seedling and all future roots grow from it.
The radicle of my story idea is a one sentence summary of the book – 15 words or less.  Right now, my sentence is between 11 and 14 words,  and I find myself at a crossroads: should one of the words be “magical” or not.  The inclusion or omission of this word seriously alters the DNA of the story – is it based in real life or is it other worldly?  If I’m being honest, I am unsure if the parameters of reality will be more helpful than the paranormal “anything is possible” on my first time crafting a story.  As my book’s radicle lengthens and brings nutrients back to home base/ mission control, I am confident the genre of book I will write will reveal itself… as always, prayers are welcome!  =)



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