Friends Don’t Let Friends Miss the Arcana Chronicles

dead of winterThis post is part review, part PSA: if you enjoy good books and have not read Poison Princess by Kresley Cole, I am here to save you from a life less lived.  I tell whoever will listen: if you like YA paranormal epic fantasy that is a thrill a minute, look no further. Today, it came to my attention that one of my favorite people (cough, Courtney, cough) has yet to enjoy it. GASP! Say it ain’t so!

I was, however, also late to the party, reviewing this book when it had been available for my reading pleasure for nearly a year and a half. Sinceriously, two chapters in, I was kicking myself for taking so long to read this incredible book. If you have not yet done so, YOU SHOULD READ THIS INCREDIBLE BOOK. Then read Book 2, Endless Knight.  My review of the sequel can be found here.  One word: #MustRead.  Okay -all caught up? You’re welcome!

To the kindred spirits fangirling over Jackson, Finn and Death (yes, Rookies: Death) all along: I offer a fist bump/ bro nod/holla with a generous side of squeal!  I pre-ordered Book 3, Dead of Winter, the nanosecond the link was live – and on January 6, it was Christmas Morning all over again on my Kindle.  Immediately, this new book shot to the top of my TBR, much to the regret of my other blogging commitments.

***SPOILER ALERT*** If you are current with the series, proceed.  Otherwise, go READ BOOKS 1&2 ASAP.  Sinceriously.

Correct me if I’m wrong, fellow fans, but the third installment of The Arcana Chronicles takes place over the 10 days or so immediately following Book 2.  Evie begins her new quest by escaping Death’s compound (no easy feat) to save Jackson from The Lovers (worst Bad Guys EVER!).  I am equal parts awed and scared of Kresley Cole for conjuring up the Evil Twins… and their powers.  It’s like CSI:HELLFIRE up in their lair.

When it is discovered that The Lovers Evie has been battling are only copies of  the originals, it is all systems go to eliminate these Cards from the Deck once and for all. Evie has Jackson AND Aric along for the mission, and both men are focused on winning the girl… and both are bringing their A-Game.  Eventually the book settles into two stories: eliminating The Lovers and Evie’s Big Decision.  I waffled between pity and envy for Evangeline having TWO of my favorite book boyfriends giving it their all.

Then there are THE FEELS between Finn and Lark and Gabriel and Selena (even if the feels only go one way). It is romantic to see gentlemen pine for and court a sweetheart when all Hell has broken loose. I love me some Matthew too.  It is my sincere hope that they each find hope and love and a long, happy life despite their circumstances.

Layered over all the current events are historical versions of the players – and many of the Cards have a very good memory.  It is extremely difficult for Evie to break from tradition and be a better person in this life.  Coming of age is hard enough without several lifetimes of evil actions muddying the waters. At the end of the book, I find myself in the same situation as when I finished Books 1 and 2: marveling at how much I LOVE this series and wondering how long until the next one is published? – kris


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