Review: Floored by Melanie Harlow

Floored CoverAs I mentioned last week, you REALLY NEED TO READ THIS SERIES.

All of Melanie Harlow’s books, actually.  She is a breath of fresh air in the Contemporary Romance genre, and her books are some of the funniest, imaginative and steamy reads out there.

If you have not yet done, so – please read Frenched (IT’S FREE!) and Forked.  You will meet Besties Mia, Coco and Erin – each gets a turn finding romance & it is never your usual love story.

Floored is Erin’s story – she is a ballet teacher in the midst of renovating her studio. Early in the book, her home is robbed; the cop investigates is Charlie, Erin’s childhood bully.  Sparks fly during their reunion, and what soon follows is a great romance.

review1Erin is the nice, quiet girl-next-door with a secret inner vixen.  Charlie is just the guy to bring that vixen out to play.  While they try to keep their relationship casual and brief, they keep coming back for more.  As the childhood frenemies get to know each other as adults, it becomes clear that Charlie is playing his cards close to the vest.  Erin is in for lots of surprises, and she must come to terms with Charlie’s past and present if she wants to include him in her future.

The characters are real, not cookie cutter versions of the good girl and the bad boy.  The dialogue is HILARIOUS (par for the course with rest of series).  The three agimas (Mia, Coco and Erin) are vastly entertaining & it is very easy to get swept up with their story.  If you enjoy your romances original, funny & steamy, this is the series for you!!



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