Steampunk Anthology: Mechanized Masterpieces 2

Spotlight on one of the stories is this anthology:

Mr. Thornton by Scott William Taylor


Scott TaylorScott William Taylor grew up in Utah living on the side of a mountain and lives on that same mountain today with his family and a dog that loves cheese. Scott is married with four children. Scott is a contributor to Flash 500 e-book, and creator of A Page or Two Podcast. He also wrote the award-winning short film, Wrinkles.

 Scott’s first work with The X, “Little Boiler Girl,” appeared in the first Mechanized Masterpieces anthology. His short story, “Split Ends,” which appeared in Shades and Shadows, and “Mr. Thornton” tie him at second for number of contests won at The X.

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  1. Please share how you came up with the concept for your story? 

I first thought of classic American works in the public domain and remembered when I read “Call of the Wild” of the Mr. Thornton character and I wondered what his backstory could be—how he ended up in Alaska. I created his story and made steampunk sled dogs as his invention.

  1. Please name some of your other published works?

I have short stories published in “MMSA” “Shades & Shadows” and “MMAA” I have also self-published my first collection of short stories “Speckled”

  1. What is your preferred writing genre?

I enjoy writing in the steampunk genre but I don’t feel I’ve nailed down one particular area that excites me. I’ve tried some fantasy and my next project is a science fiction romp consisting of 10 short stories.

  1. And preferred reading genre?

Since grad school I’ve been drawn to the classics—things I failed to read in either high school or an undergrad. I’ve also begun reading many middle grade and YA titles from authors local to my area.

  1. What are your top 3 favorite books?

Les Miserables, The Devil and White City, Seabiscuit

  1. Do you have any particular writing habits?

I write everyday, though many times not on my WIP. I have two days a week when I can have large blocks of time to write. Most of my productive writing occurs on these days.

  1. Do you have a playlist that you created while writing your story?

No. I usually never write while listening to music, however, I am sometimes inspired while listening to music.

  1. Panster or plotter?

Admitted panster, however, I see the good being a plotter can be and I’m trying more to convert.

  1. Advice for writers?

Write for yourself first. Write for the story second. Write for the audience after that. Success may not follow, but if you follow those rules, you’ll create something that’s satisfying.

  1. What’s up next for you?

I’m hoping to create an e-book science fiction series and publish a novel this year, be it with a publisher or I’ll self-publish, as well as continuing my daily blog posts.


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