Review: Saving Us by H. D’Agostino

Saving usOur lives are filled with moments…Some that define us, and some that change us.
Madison Kennedy has been running from her past for years. She never thought any man could love her after Richard spent years tearing her down.
Then she met Cole…
Cole Walker did the unthinkable to protect his family, and has been carrying his secret deep inside himself since he was a teen.
What happens when the one we love pushes us to open those long buried fears? Will it make us stronger? Will it break us farther? Will we fight for the future we deserve?
Can Cole convince Maddie that she’s worth saving, or will fear step in and cause her to run? Find out in Saving Us the conclusion to Cole and Maddie’s story.
This book contains graphic sexual situations, profanity, and may not be suitable for readers under the age of 17.


Earlier this week, I reviewed Book 1: Irreparably Broken.  Saving Us is the second installment to the story.  I thought it was the conclusion (as mentioned in the official blurb) to the series, but there is more in store for Maddie, Cole, Wes, and Angela.

Book 2 begins 3 weeks after Book 1 ends, and both Maddie and Cole are miserable.  There is a lot of drama in this one: breakups, reunions, heated arguments, courtroom drama, family secrets… We also get to know Wes and Angela better as they also have some personal baggage to deal with.  Richard is a great villain, and he knows how to manipulate and intimidate Madison.  She has to decide which voice to listen to: Cole’s Richard’s or her own.  Usually when faced with “flight or fight,” Madison runs.  Her relationship with Cole inspires her to fight for a future, but Richard brings his A game in keeping her down.

Some of my issues with the first book carry over into this one, but overall I did enjoy Saving Us.  It is about a couple in search of a fresh start while healing from past experiences.  The author tees up some good stuff for Book 3, and I look forward to reading more about Wes and Angela.


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