Guest Post by Randi Wilson Cooley

revseriesWith the last installment of Randi Cooley Wilson’s best selling Revelation Series, Restoration, The Finale upon us, we thought it would be fun if Randi shared her ‘Top Ten’ favorite Rev Series moments with you.  The Book Beacon is a HUGE fan of this series, and we are so proud to have Randi on the blog today!  Enjoy!

‘Top Ten’ Favorite Moments Throughout The Revelation Series

  1. Eve Realm Jumps To The Land of the Fae in Revelation (Book #1)

One of my favorite things to do as a writer is to take a reader on an unexpected  journey, where reality is twisted to the point of making the unbelievable, believable. This is probably the reason I love to write paranormal world building scenes. It’s also most likely why my tenth favorite Rev Series moment is when Eve realm jumps to The Land of The Fae and meets Lady Finella for the first time. I loved creating this realm of unknowns and beauty. A utopia, if you will, in a world filled with darkness.

  1. Eve Dream Walks to Gage in Restraint (Book #2)

Writing Gage Gallagher is no easy feat. He’s very layered and 3-dimensional. Even as the author, I tend to experience what the readers do with Gage. I never know which side he’s on, or what his motives are. I realize this sounds crazy since I’ve created his backstory and have written his character bio, but I approach Gage like an onion. Each time I write a scene with him, I peel off another layer. And each layer that comes off always makes me cry. My ninth favorite Rev Series moment is when Eve dream walks to Gage’s loft in Paris for the first time. It’s where we get to see the first layer of what makes Gage, Gage. For me, as the writer, this scene started my love-hate relationship with him.

  1. The Pickle Discussion in Restoration (Book #5)

I’ve teased this scene therefore I feel it’s okay to discuss it. There is a scene in Restoration where the clan is discussing the fine art of pickling and why pickles are the new black. I adore it. It’s everything I love about the St. Michael clan. The dialogue was so much fun to write and that’s why it’s my eighth favorite Rev Series moment.

  1. The Midnight Temple in Revolution (Book #4)

My seventh favorite Rev Series moment is when Gage and Eve head to the Midnight Temple. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but there is something about this scene that I just adore. I think it might be for me, as the author, it all came together in writing this chapter. This was my ‘Ah Ha’ moment, when the entire series just fell into place. I love the introduction of Asmodeus and his role in the series. To be honest, I could write an entire book around this chapter.

  1. Fruit Flavored Ice Cream is NOT Ice Cream from Redemption (Book #3)

Abby and Callan are fan favorites and I adore writing their banter and dialogue moments. There is a lightness and normalcy their characters bring to the storyline. My sixth favorite Rev Series moment is when they’re in the ice cream shop fighting over whether or not fruit flavored ice cream is in fact, an ice cream. Abby says it is. Callan says it is not. Eve just wants to hide. This is a personal favorite scene because it’s a discussion my husband and I have on and off in real life. Now, my position on the matter is forever documented. I win!

  1. Demon Falls in Revolution (Book #4)

Alright, I might have a sweet spot for Asmodeus. I can’t decide. My fifth favorite moment is a chapter called Demon Falls. It’s when Asher, Eve, Gage and Nassa meet Asmodeus at The Nine Gates of Hell. I love this scene because it’s the true turning point in the series. Lies are revealed, enemies step out of the shadows and sacrifices are made. It’s funny, raw, and heartbreaking.

  1. The Last Chapter of Restoration (Book #5)

I don’t want to give anything away but the final scene in Restoration is my fourth favorite Rev Series moment ever! It. Just. Is. I cried and cried and cried. The. End.

  1. Gage and Eve’s Visit to The Land of The Leprechauns in Redemption  (Book #3)

Leprechauns are evil. Enough said. This is the reason my third favorite Rev Series moment is when Gage and Eve accidently portal to The Land of The Leprechauns. This scene combines my utter dislike of Lucky Charms cereal (because my daughter eats the marshmallows and leaves the cereal) and my love for Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.  I’m odd like that!

  1. Eve and Asher’s Chamber Scene in Restraint (Book #2)

My second all-time favorite Rev series moment is a chapter in Restraint called Flames. It’s where readers get a glimpse into the protector’s Stone State Chambers. I loved writing this scene between Eve and Asher. For me, stone state realm jumping to the Eternal Forest is where they first become a ‘couple’. The scene is intimate and emotional. It’s all of the elements of love that I adore when writing these two character’s moments.

  1. When Asher and Eve First Meet in Revelation (Book #1)

When Asher and Eve first speak to one another outside of their architecture class is my favorite all-time Rev Series moment. It was one of the first dialogue scenes I’d written with Asher and Eve. It’s the beginnings of their entire love story, and probably the first time that I as the author, fell in love with these two characters. The first time they speak to one another is an integral moment within the entire series. It’s also the first time Asher calls Eve, ‘siren’. I love that she stumbles. I love that he’s confused. I love that together, they’re a beautiful mess. At the end of the day isn’t that is what most love stories are? A beautiful mess.


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