Review: Through Fire & Sea by Nicole Luiken

amid wind and stone nicole luiken

TFaS_500Through Fire & Sea (Otherselves, #1) by Nicole Luiken:

There is one True World, and then there are the four mirror worlds: fire, water, air, and stone. And each has a magic of its own…

In the Fire World, seventeen-year-old Leah is the illegitimate daughter of one of the realm’s most powerful lords. She’s hot-blooded—able to communicate with the tempestuous volcano gods. But she has another gift…the ability to Call her twin “Otherselves” on other worlds.

Holly resides in the Water World—our world. When she’s called by Leah from the Fire World, she nearly drowns. Suddenly the world Holly thought she knew is filled with secrets, magic…and deadly peril.

For a malevolent force seeks to destroy the mirror worlds. And as Leah and Holly are swept up in the tides of chaos and danger, they have only one choice to save the mirror worlds—to shatter every rule they’ve ever known…

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It’s been a while since I read a book about mirrored characters in a parallel universe, and reading Through Fire and Sea rekindled my love for Young Adult Fantasy.  There was a bit of a crash course in Mirror Worlds and Otherselves, but once you understand the connections between the characters in the two realms, you are good to go.  One of the worlds (Water) in the story is modern day planet Earth, so no learning curve needed there.  The Fire world, however, has a medieval setting – complete with dragons, magic, and subjects living in fear of their rulers.

The parallels between Leah and Holly (and their worlds) are numerous and complex.  The magic used to travel between realms was one of my favorite components of the plot.  I enjoyed Leah’s character and side of the story more than Holly’s, but it was fun moving between the two worlds as they overlapped.  The other characters (good & bad) amplify the similarities and differences between the two heroines.

Kudos to the author for the incredible vision she executed in the storytelling.  There are many moving pieces, and Through Fire & Sea an impressive feat.  I think any fan of Young Adult Fantasy will enjoy the adventure, mystery, and magic in this book.  This is the beginning of a series, and an excerpt and review for Book Two, Amid Wind & Stone will be posted here on Sunday, March 13, 2016.




Nicole Luiken wrote her first book at age 13 and never stopped.
She is the author of nine published books for young adults, including Violet Eyes and its sequels Silver Eyes and Angels Eyes, Frost, Unlocking the Doors, The Catalyst, Escape to the Overworld, Dreamfire and the sequel Dreamline. Through Fire & Sea, book one of Otherselves, and Amid Wind & Stone, book two of Otherselves, are her most recent releases. She also has an adult thriller, Running on Instinct, under the name N.M. Luiken and a fantasy romance series, Gate to Kandrith and Soul of Kandrith.
Nicole lives with her family in Edmonton, AB. It is physically impossible for her to go more than three days in a row without writing.

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Author Twitter: @NicoleLuiken

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