Ghost Hope by Ripley Patton

The much-anticipated fourth and final book of The PSS Chronicles is here. 

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00039]Olivia Black does not feel safe. Nightmares plague her sleep and haunt her days. If she has to endure one more minute stuck in a safe house in rainy Portland, she’s going to lose it. When Mike Palmer sneaks off to find her sister Kaylee without her, it’s the last straw. She has to do something.

Then Palmer’s hackers find the Dome on a satellite feed: dark, abandoned and smack in the middle of the Oregon desert three hundred miles from where it started. If they can reach it before anyone else, they can crack the computer systems and access every piece of information on PSS the CAMFers and The Hold have ever collected.

But in order to do that, Olivia must return to the origin of her fears in a race against all the forces that have ever pitted themselves against her. She must unravel decades of deceit to reveal the true origins of Psyche Sans Soma to the world at last.


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“Once again, Ripley Patton delivers. Ghost Hope is a great ending to a series with many a high.” – Sahar Sabati

“What a wonderfully satisfying ending to this series! I loved every word of it.” – Author Rachel Barnard

“A MUST read YA series that will leave you breathless in the end. This entire series is truly another hidden gem in the world of reading!” Dianne Bylo of Tome Tender Book Blog



Haven’t started the series yet? Grab the first book, Ghost Hand, FREE on all ebook venues. And don’t stop there. Ghost Hold (The PSS Chronicles Book 2) and Ghost Heart (The PSS Chronicles Book 3), are on sale for only 99 cents in June.


It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of The PSS Chronicles – if you are new to the series and the author, do yourself a favor and get Book 1 (free!) and Book 2 &  Book 3 for $.99/each.  For less than two bucks you will be enthralled by the adventures of Olivia Black and company, and you will be glad you took a chance on this series.  You will be able to read them back to back, which will help with remembering all the characters and events (I needed a reminder between books).

There is humor, adventure, romance, betrayal, mystery, surprises, and more wrapped up in an incredible sci-fi setting.  As with the first three books, Book 4 had me riveted to the pages as the action comes full circle with Book 1.   It is immensely satisfying to get answers to the questions that begin with “what is PSS?” and “who can Olivia trust.”  I liked how the characters are scattered and then reunited in the final book.  Saying what else I liked and why would include spoilers, so I will just say this series is not to be missed.

Kudos to Ripley Patton for such an incredibly original and entertaining story – from the PSS malady to allowing it to be more of an enhanced state than disability.  I loved the multiple narratives and points of view, and the entire series plays out like an action movie with insane special effects.  Just as soon as you catch your breath, the ride continues.  And at the end of the ride, you can’t help but marvel at the excellent storytelling.



And JOIN the GHOST HOPE Read-Along Facebook Group to read and discuss the book and series with other fans, plus have direct access to the author.


ripleyRipley Patton lives in Portland, Oregon with one cat, two teenagers, and a man who wants to live on a boat. She doesn’t smoke, or drink, or cuss as much as her characters. Her only real vices are writing, eating M&Ms, and watching reality television.

Ripley is an award-winning short story writer and author of The PSS Chronicles, a young adult paranormal thriller series. The first book in the series, GHOST HAND, was a semi-finalist for The Kindle Book Review 2013 Best Indie Book Awards and a Cybil Award Nominee.

The second book in the series, GHOST HOLD, was released in September 2013.

The third book in the series, GHOST HEART, was released in October 2014.

And GHOST HOPE, the final book of the series was released June 2106.

You can find out more about Ripley and her fiction on her website at



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