Review & Giveaway: With Every Breath by Maya Banks

NEW RELEASE: WITH EVERY BREATH (Avon Books, Trade Paperback Original; 9780062410160; eBook: 9780062410177) the fourth book in #1 USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks’s suspenseful and sizzling Slow Burn series.

414bdJAxEmL._SX334_BO1,204,203,200_As a vulnerable teenager, Eliza Cummings was the target of a predator who cultivated her need for love and approval. Until she found the courage to fight back and help put him away. Years later, she works with Devereaux Security Services and devotes every hour to taking down the very thing that nearly destroyed her. But now the killer has been set free, and Eliza knows it’s only a matter of time before he comes for her, and the people she loves.

Wade Sterling never allows anyone close enough to see the man behind the impenetrable mask—but one woman threatens his tightly leashed control. He took a bullet for Eliza and the result was more than a piece of metal embedded in his skin. She was under his skin and nothing he did could rid him of the woman with the heart of a warrior.

But when Wade sees a panicked and haunted Eliza he knows something is very wrong, because the foolish woman has never had the sense to be afraid of anything. So when she tries to draw a monster away, the primal beast barely lurking beneath his deceptively polished façade erupts in a rage. She may not know it, but she belongs to him. This time, Eliza isn’t going to play the protector. She was going to be the protected. And as long as Wade breathes, no one will ever hurt what is his.


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“Raw emotion and deep, powerful love are at the heart of Banks’ latest Slow Burn novel. The love and tension between Zack and Anna-Grace are equal parts intense and passionate. With a good dose of action, good pacing and seductive alpha heroes set within a solid plot, this story is high-stakes, gripping and emotional.”     — RT Book Reviews on Safe at Last

“Maya Bank’s KEEP ME SAFE takes readers into the black depths of anguish, face-to-face with evil. Her characters are a testament to the strength of the human spirit, and to the power love has to heal even the deepest wounds.”     — New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Linda Howard

“Caleb and Ramie’s intense connection and fiercely passionate romance will keep readers hooked along with suspense and intrigue. Banks’ first novel in her new Slow Burn series will leave readers wishing for the next one.”     — Romantic Times BOOKclub, 4 1/2 stars

“Crisp storytelling, steady pacing and a well-defined, strong, overly protective alpha male in Beau will appeal to readers.”       — Romantic Times BOOKclub, 4 1/2 stars

“A well-paced read with non-stop action and buckets of family drama, but there are also some gorgeous romantic moments.”     — Heroes and Heartbreakers


With Every Breath is the fourth book in the Slow Burn series by Maya Banks.  I am kicking myself for not discovering these books sooner, and I added the first three titles to my TBR list before I even finished this book. In the first chapter of Book 4, we learn that a woman known to her colleagues at Devereaux Security Services (DSS) as Eliza Cummings has been living under an assumed identity for a decade.  She changed her name and location to save her own life ten years earlier, but a shocking phone call has her obsessed with saving the lives of those around her.  The author does a good job of filling new readers in on some of the harrowing adventures and near death experiences Eliza and the others at DSS have been through in the first three books.  You will learn what they have been through and why they are such a tight group.  Loyalty to her friends and guilt from the past compels Eliza into a solo mission focused on revenge and justice.  She hides these plans from the folks at DSS, but the man she loves to hate, Wade Sterling, sees right through her deception.  He calls her out on her plans and interjects himself in her agenda – quickly taking the lead on her mission.

How he does it and what happens next is a fast paced, thrilling adventure, and I could not put the book down.  I very much enjoyed the story, characters, action, romance, and all the surprises along the way.  This is a great story for readers who enjoy romantic suspense with strong females, action packed plots, alpha heroes, dramatic twists and turns, and satisfying conclusions.  If you are a Maya Banks fan, this book should be just what you expect.  If, like me, you like talented authors crafting complex characters in breathtaking adventures: you need to give the Slow Burn series a try!!




Maya Banks lives in Texas with her husband, three children and assortment of pets. When she’s not writing, she can be found hunting, fishing or playing poker.


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