Amazon Gift Card Giveaway & Review: The Boat House by Jana D. Barrett

Genevieve Vandermere-Anderson lives in an elite world carefully crafted by her stepfather.  While other girls her age revel in the freedom of their first summer break from college, Genevieve has no choice but to return to her childhood home in Hilton Head, South Carolina to play sidekick to her vindictive stepfather.  Forbidden from social media and isolated from her peers, she returns home disheartened and oppressed by the actions of her past, governed by secrets.

Though she is fearful of the repercussions, Genevieve decides it is time to start making her own choices.  She sneaks out of her fortified house to attend the annual beach bonfire.  There she meets a handsome stranger and follows him to an abandoned boathouse hidden in low country marshes.  Little does she know that this small act of rebellion will be the catalyst for unraveling the truth about her regretful past, and the layers of deception her stepfather has masterminded.

When she begins to investigate the boating accident that tragically killed her mother and two other people, she discovers that her stepfather’s suspicious behavior and control tactics are all part of a greater agenda.


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The Boat House is Jana D. Barrett’s first novel, and this talented author shines in her debut.

Despite her affluent lifestyle, Genevieve is far from a spoiled little rich girl.  She has a beautiful home, high end wardrobe, and has mastered mingling with the elite residents of Hilton Head, SC. Her Southern charm and manners are of great value to her step-father, and he uses her to fortify his influence in their social circles. He allows her to mingle with adults at parties, but bans her from interacting with others her own age – unless it suits his agenda.

While home from break, Genevieve sneaks out of her mansion and attends an local beach party. She thinks she’s acting out of character for just one night, but Genevieve soon discovers quite a lot about herself in the chain of events that follow. Red flags, gut feelings, and long buried memories help navigate her investigation of her step-father. The more she uncovers, the more she remembers about the accident that killed her mother and the more she has to fear from the man that raised her.

At the center of the action is a mysterious man, a kind couple, and a set of twins that evolve from Genevieve’s acquaintances to close friends. She may be isolated and lonely when the story starts, but searching for the truth opens doors for the companionship and support she’s desperately wanted.

The Boat House is a great story about unraveling a mystery and finding the courage to keep digging when the clues suggest a much bigger crime.

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Jana was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. An avid reader, she loves to travel, cook and try exotic foods. She is a self- proclaimed ‘city girl’ who fell for a country boy. Jana, her husband and their daughter live on a retired pasture, with a lovely farmland view.

She enjoys the alluring charm of the low country marshes which is the site of her first novel, The Boat House. Well versed in the decorum of the south, she enjoys shaping her characters befitting her experiences and observations, choosing not to shy away from the splendor, humor and somber elements of southern culture.

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5 thoughts on “Amazon Gift Card Giveaway & Review: The Boat House by Jana D. Barrett

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  3. I love the setting and hope someday to visit this area of the country someday. Mysteries are my favorite to read so this sounds exciting. Congrats on your debut!

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