New Release: Pepped Up Forever by Ali Dean

  This is the fifth and final book in the Pepper Jones series, and it’s one you don’t want to miss. Pepper Jones is ready to start breaking some records. She’ll be a junior in college, and if she wants to run professionally when she graduates, it’s time to step things up a notch. This … Continue reading

Review: Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine

This week, I am highlighting new releases from some of the fabulous authors I stalk follow faithfully ever since last summer’s UtopYA conference. Pretty soon I will explain just how UtopYA has ruined me for all other author/reader conventions… but first: let’s talk BOOKS!! One of my very first blog posts was my declaration of love for Chelsea Fine’s YA paranormal series, Archers … Continue reading

Review: The Pretenders by Lisi Harrison

   I am torn: I loved 98% of this book, but the last 5 pages made me want to throw my Kindle across the room. I can appreciate a good cliffhanger, but FIVE cliffhangers was almost too much. Almost. Thing is – I care about the characters and want to know what happens to FIVE … Continue reading

3.5 Lighthouses for Surfacing by Shana Norris

Surfacing is the story of Mara Westry, a teenager who finds herself leaving Tennessee to live in the Outer Banks after her mother’s death, sixteen year old Mara must live with her estranged father in Swans Landing, a tiny remote island only accessible by ferry.  She is not interested in staying any there longer than … Continue reading

NetGalley Guilt

When I started blogging, a friend told me about NetGalley, a website that provides free books to “professional readers.”  Thousands of books in dozens of genres are available to bloggers, critics, educators, librarians and the media. It’s basically a bookworm’s crack house. You just sign up and start shopping.  See something you like?  Click “request” … Continue reading

Review: Against the Ropes by Sarah Castille

Confession Time: I LOVE me a steamy romance when the bad boy is a rough & tough athlete.  Some readers prefer soldiers or cowboys or zillionaires… I like the athletes.  Kristen Proby and Jaci Burton always come through for me, and now I have another “she wrote it = one click buy now” author: Sarah Castille! Against the Ropes is … Continue reading

Review: Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles

 About a year ago, my friend Della told me to read Perfect Chemistry, a great romance about opposites attracting.  I read the rest of the series, Rules of Attraction and Chain Reaction in short order, and I have been looking forward to a new Simone Elkeles book ever since.  So imagine my glee when Wild Cards appeared on Net … Continue reading

Charming by Elliott James

Charming is an original Urban Fantasy about protecting supernatural beings from being discovered.  Young, careless vampires are ignoring communal etiquette, which dictates discretion at all costs.  Their sloppy habits threaten to expose all paranormal life. John Charming had been a member of the Knights Templar, elite guardians protecting the magic that keeps humans from seeing … Continue reading