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I believe we live in a privileged era and in a privileged country and that if we, feminists, don´t make fundamental changes to subvert the order of things now, then we might miss a very big opportunity to make history.

Empowering women is not something that can be done just as a one-time thing, it is a daily duty that I take as my own.
I want my little girls to grow up to a world in which equity for the genders is not utopic, in which women are respected, in which social pressure is equally distributed.  I want them to understand about the responsibility of a world of equity

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‘The Golden State’ Explores What A Mother And Child Road Trip Looks Like? 1200 550 The Book Beacon

‘The Golden State’ Explores What A Mother And Child Road Trip Looks Like?

When narrative is not perfect but is as touchy and overwhelmingly real as Lydia Kiesling‘s is, there is no place to hide. This road trip novel is more about loneliness and stillness of time than any other on the road book you have ever read. Debut Novel Lydia Kiesling is the author of The Golden…

‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Explores What It Truly Means To Sacrifice For The Ones You Love? 1200 550 The Book Beacon

‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Explores What It Truly Means To Sacrifice For The Ones You Love?

Celeste Ng is the novelist of the moment and all her efforts have been excellently well paid-off by the critics and specialized media. This 38-year old woman will soon have this book turned into a Hulu 8-chapter mini-series starring Hollywood superstar Reese Whitherspoon and Kerry Washington. Also read about the book ‘Hunger by Roxane Gay’.…

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Series To Stream & Follow

Pure Taboo - The Series

The #1 and the most important series that I follow in the adult world. This one is specific because it touches the intimacy of our society – be it hidden fantasies, forbidden desires or everything in between Pure Taboo has it covered thanks to the brilliant story-writing and frequent updates. Simply a must see.


BBCPie stands for Big Black Cock Creampie and it delivers. Literally. Both in quality of videos (it’s 4K) and in quality of actions. Hung black guys versus delicate white girls in this very intimate act.

Anal4KAnal4K show that internal creampies in the backdoor fashion are a big thing. This series debuted in February of 2021 and it’s taking the genre by storm. Thanks to the biggest names and the best quality out there creampies never looked so good!


Transfixed is all about transgender fun in today’s society. Series that launched back in 2019 with a few episodes featuring the biggest names in both transgender and cis women category is now making a big comeback. Stay tuned for new episodes in 2021!


Mom4K is moms’ adventures for seed of youth. They seduce and take advantage of BBCs around the world. All that only to receive a messy creampies. Their expertise and experience is crucial in the process, but it’s their desire for interracial goods is making them what they do.

Hall of Fame – 2022/23 Edition

Property Sex - Realtors Sex

Property Sex – realtors taking things seriously. This fantasy series presents realtors in their real work environment. Doing everything they can to settle deals with demanding customers.

Nubile Films

Nubile Films – the hottest story inspired love-making scenarios online. With 10 years of making Nubile Films is the benchmark when it comes to capturing the essence of passionate love.


Smashed XXX – get ready for some real fun when it comes to step sibling adventures. Bratty step sisters getting a lesson and it’s all about time! Newest series from Nubiles Network is finally here.

College Rules

College Rules – ain’t that the true? Watch the decade old footage of girls and guys living their college times to the fullest. Partying, boozing and… sexing. All the best activities mixed up in those totally raw videos!

Mom Is Horny

Mom Is Horny – some crazy MILFs out there. Watch them do all kind of shenanigans in order to get laid with young bucks. One thing is for sure – there is not way to stop them if it’s ON in their minds.


DFXtra – the finest, the most intense and the most acclaimed interracial content on the web. Dogfart has been around since 1996 and it’s moving to its new house. Take a look what’s poppin’ in the hood these days!