About Me

I am an American woman, I am a reader, I am a mother, a feminist and also a blogger. I founded The Book Beacon to share with all the women in the world what I am currently reading, what i´ve read and what I think of each case. To me, there is no better way to shape the generations to come and to empower little girls to be strong women than by having them read the sharpest minds of generations before them. I´m not going to ramble on about Simone de Beauvoir or anything like that, I am going to bring newer books, newer authors.

You will likely find in my blog some books that I loved and some other that I didn´t so much. I am going to give my opinion, my fundaments and, if I happen to find a flaw in them or I don´t like the way that the author thinks or exposes her ideas, I will state it loud and clear and hope you can do the same with me so we can put together a healthy debate about what feminism is and what it should be. I believe we live in a privileged era and in a privileged country and that if we, feminists, don´t make fundamental changes to subvert the order of things now, then we might miss a very big opportunity to make history.

  • I am not going to be, in any way, disqualifying anybody at all. You will find, with time, that my academic background has given me enough training as to dissect ideas, propose them clean and not take anything personally. The education I had when I was growing up wasn´t at all the best. I come from the suburbs and my parents had to struggle a lot to feed my family. They sure did all they could to stay on float, and they succeeded. My family is my example of sacrifice and good will. My mother in particular was such a strong, working person. She would work her entire shift while we were at school and then pick us up from our auntie´s house, take us home, help us do homework, cook, clean, kiss, love, play and then some. She had unlimited energy when it came to her family.

  • To me, feminism, is an everyday task. Empowering women is not something that can be done just as a one-time thing, it is a daily duty that I take as my own. I have two little girls, Anna and Melissa and they are 8 and 10 years old respectively. They know about the existence of feminism, they know that their body is that of a strong person. I try to raise them in order to avoid the social pressures and the idyllic message of Disney´s princesses that bring us back to the past 200 years.

Much of the material you will see posted in this blog is going to be critical, relentless and emphatic, but it will always be backed up. I am not a woman that is used to being just rambling around putting words out of my mouth that are just too big and don´t have any meaning. I am in this world to make a statement and it has to do with the position of women in society, what has happened through the years and what needs to change for the future.

I want my little girls to grow up to a world in which equity for the genders is not utopic, in which women are respected, in which social pressure is equally distributed and we are not running to hide behind any big savior man´s shoulders. I want them to understand about the responsibility of a world of equity and also to be free from abusers, rapists and all kinds of sociopaths that think they have any kind of power about our bodies, decisions, minds and desires.

Yes, I am going to try to convey that message through the selection of authors and if you agree with me in those subjects, then you will know that there is hope for a better tomorrow only if us, women, respect ourselves, respect each other and work as a worldwide team to reclaim the position that is ours.

If we are united, empowered, knowledgeable and strong, there is no stopping us.

Join me and let´s change the world.